Friday, May 18, 2012

Hunting men 4/23/2012

So this week Elder Steed and i had an assignment to go to the U.S.A Embassy so we went to get presidents passport updated and do some other stuff down there. So while we were going there we contacted the taxi driver, he was super tight, a fun guy. We basically taught him the reswtoration and all in the ride and when we got out we asked him for his dats so we could pass by another day we was like my name is bruce willis but you can call me Bru. I died laughing! He looked just like Bruce willis! haha!! When we got into the embassy it was so cool. We were on American land just for a second kind of haha! They had the american flag going on, Mom dont worry I made Elder steed d othe pledge of alliagnce with me haha!!! And while we were waitin our turn we got talking to thep people there, they were all so cool. It was weird to contact in english, but it was fun. So we met this like hippie guy there it was tight! He the best his name is GRegory hes 65 years old lives alone and is in a PANIC ATTACK!! haha!!He told us that people were trying to hunt him! So first of all he is in the embassy in velcro sandals and sweat and a white collared shirt tucked into his pants but not ironed and just looks like a great guy! I loved him!!But he told us this whole story of how he is living in Meijing and he doesnt speak nothin of spanish and hes been here for almost 6 months!! I felt bad for him, but he is panicking cuz he thinks that everyone wants to kill him or put him in jail! He said he once heard somone asked him if he hunts. I think he heard wrong and asked if he is married (Cazar y casar) they sound a like but mean different things haha!! So he was asking us if we knew about the game where colombians hunt gringos and try to put us in jail he was warning us! He was cussing like everyother word haha!!! I was like wow this guy is from the states i forgot about those words haha!! But we helped him out a bit and he stayed talking to him for like 45 min while he explained everythin, he wouldnt let us go haha!! So we had to come back at 3 in the afternoon that day to pick up the passports and all. So when we went Elder steed was like how cool it would be if we saw gregory again! He wasnt there, we picked u pthe passports and left and as we left. gues who we saw, we saw Gregory haha!! He was so stoked to see us! So we talked to him for like another 30 min. haha! And kept warning us. we gave him a contact card and told us that we should hook up while he was in Bogota!! haha!! Then we got back into another taxi and guess who it was, BRUCE WILLIS again!! haha!! The same taxi driver from the morninÇ!! WE all busted up laughin haha!! So we then taught him the plan of salvation in the taxi!! haha! The same taxi twice in the same day!! What a grat day it was!!

Well I killed Elder Perez this weekend! He died sad. I dont like to send missionaries home! it aint fun! Elder Perez is a poet guy so he was super dramatic to leave. But i really enjoyed being his comp. He is the best comp that i have had!! Farewell my good friend Elder Perez, but he left on a good note!! On Saturday we FINALLY HAD A BAPTISM!!! We went 3 months dry without getting people wet!! So Laura Alvarez got baptized at 10 on saturday and after the baptism i dropped Elder Perez off at the airport and off he went! I dont have a companion right now! Nobody loves me!! But it is hard being the only assitant!! AHHH!!! I have 2 cell phones that ring like 50 times a minute! Everyone always calls me! I feel famous but exhausted!! President goes to Peru this week. so i gotta hold down the fort til he gets back! But i am making the most of it!! I got alot of member s to come out with me this week! So we will get the ward working in missionary work!! We gettin this ward moving now!! WE got a lot of nex investigators! The families that i told you about last weeek are awesome!! We had lunch with John last week and this week!! He loves the message we share! He is stoked to read the book of mormon!! YES! THe other family we have anotrher appointment tonight!!! I am stoked to talk to them agina! They really want to know!!

Right now i got another appointment to got teach a lady who is goin through some rough times! so gonna teach her about faith right now! Excellent!! Wow! I feel like i am growing so much in this last few weeks!! I am scared for these next 6 months!! I dont know what to do!! I want to stay in them mission. I might extend!! I am thinkin about it, but we shall see! I love this work!! I have felt the spirit so much in these last few weeks! I have been really trying to focus on teaching in a way to let the people really know the savior, not just His chirch, but develop a realcion with God. I feel closer to Him as i do this and I am opening my mouth more and more!! We arent in the area much so i am learning how to manage time better and really learn between making good and better and best decisiones. i like to teach, but had to except the fact that i also gotta help the other missionaries out so i try to be more personal with the missionaries and get to know them better!! All is well dear friends! I love ya all a ton! Love Elder Hammer P.S When is mothers day. The 1st or second sunday

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