Friday, May 18, 2012

Call at 6 7/7/2012

Alright dear family of mine, i will be calling 6 my time. I ain't too sure about what time that would be back home, but if you need to i can change it. Like between 5 and 6 i will be callin. If you cant, email me tommorow while im in the office so i can arrange it with my comp.

Well this week was super stresful!! AHH!! I was dying of stress. There were tranfers and I was without a companion so the whole week I was at the airport the terminal traveling doing it all!! We had problems with the new elders coming in. There were 18 new missionaries that came in!! AHHH! So it was a lot of work and with little basically no sleep. Like i would get home super late and then have to get thing ready for the next day and wouldnt sleep until like 1 or 2 then would have to wake up like at 5 to go drop someone off at the airport or pick someone up. Then on Thursday I had to go to a little pueblo outside of Bogota called Fusa. We opened some new areas so i had to go down there to get all of the new Elders all situated down there but it was fun. It is a beautiful little town. I loved the trip. It's a pueblo high up in the mountains so part of the road you are in the clouds and then when you go down the otherside you see into the valley and see the little pueblo, it was super fun! But i was super stressed this week, but we got everyone situated and all!

I am glad and I now have my companion!! FINALLY!! I was like 2 1/2 weeks with out a comp!! It was terrible! I really need a companion!! the Lord knows why a companion is necessary!! I also have a child!! there was an unexpected new elder that came to the mission. he is now my adopted child! o he has been with me ince wednesday and he had helped e with some of my stres and helped me alot!! But he leaves tommorow for Bolivia to serve his mission there he was just with s waiting for his visa!! So y comp and i are his adopted parents we say that he is our child and he calls us his parents haha!! We are going to take fmaily pictures today! haha!! But i want to tell about the BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!! on sunday i gotta tell you all bot my new friend Jorge!!! WOWOW!! Its an awesome story about our amazing investigator!! Well Love ya all a ton and ttyl!! Talk to yall sunday! Love Elder Hammer

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