Friday, May 18, 2012

I'm so lonely 4/30/2102

Well I have been without a comp for over a week. Ive just been all over the place. So I just told the zone leaders last week that I would be doing some surprise interchanges. So I would just pop up in areas throughout the day, helping some of the areas out abit. I went to help an area to help them get a bit more pumped up for the work and all, they had nothing planned that day!! I was like elders why are we not planning, why are there no investigatores. So I told them if there are no investigators lets go get some. SO 7 HOURS KNOCKING ON DOORS!! AHH!!!I never had done so much contactin in one day! But I wanted to show the missionaries how to work. There is a new missionary there with his trainer. It was Elder McEntires first time contacting in the mission. He has 6 weeks in the mission field. So I trained him a bit and they were like, wow contactin really can be fun. I really like to talk to the people contacting. I dont just give them a card or be mechanical. I like to try to get into their house and teach them. So in that time we gave out 5 book of mormons and we were able to get into 3 houses in those 7 hours! We worked our tails off. The other day i was in a taxi and i was talking to the taxi driver and he doesnt really care if there is a God or not. He doesnt really look to the future just to the present what happens happens. So I didnt get mad at him. I let him talk. We actually had a great conversation. At the end I ended up giving him a pamphlet of the restoration haha!! When i left the taxi he told me hey thanks for not judging, usually people get all mad at me and try to condemn me for not being Christian, but you never told me I would go to hell or nothing like that. I felt good to talk to you!! I stayed for a little and kept talking to the taxi driver even after i got out of the taxi and we just alked about being a true disciple of Christ!! It was great!!

SO we are teaching a Jehovas Witness right now. She is super prepared. She even came to church yesterday and she loved it!! I presented her to a sister in the ward the same age as her, and they became instant friends!! Then our investigator, Janet, went and introduced herself to everyone. She was all over the chapel saying hi to everyone getting to know them she loved the church!! It was great!! And the end of the day like the whole chapel knew her and they were giving her magazines of the liahona, proclamation to the world and everything, she was this is so great! She loved it!! So we have an appointment with her in like an hour and we are gonna put a baptismal date with her! She is progressing so well!! She even went to a baptism on Saturday with us.

The sister missionaries in our ward had a baptism! It was hilarious!! This guy is great that got baptized. So the guy invited his dad to the baptism, so after Carlos gave his testimony the dad asked if he could share some thoughts, he is not from our faith but a great man. SO he gets up there and just started yelling out in a prayer as if he was like some black baptist preacher haha!! And throwing his arms in the air. and all. I tried to keep reverent. I looked at the stake president to see if he wanted me to intervene but he told me to let him finish so we got a big ol sermon at the baptism!! I was worried cuz i was like ahh we had investigators at the baptisms, we dont want to scare them away. But we stay strong with our investigators thank goodness.

 So President got back on Sunday night. It was nice to have him back and all. We had transfers this week so i am busy with all them. We have 16 new missionaries that come in tommorrow we got a lot of transfers and i am with out a companion until Wednesday. But I will get it all dont dont worry. My comp Elder Acuna comes in on Wednesday!1 It is super tight he is 26 years old a bug teddy bear and speaks perfect english. I am going to kill him too, he goes home in June. and then my next companion will kill me ahh!!! But all is well here!! Workin hard in the lords work!! We are gonna work on getting 5 baptisms thius next transfer.!! WE have been working hard, It will be great, its been over a year since the assitantsin Tierra fria have baptized!! So we are gonna step it up!! We dont take a full pday, we do the nessasary thing and then we go an work!! Got an appointment soon with janet and we will be gettin her baptiszed soon hopefully! But in 2 weeks i can call home, how does like 6 sound like for everyone on mothers day!! You will get to meet my new comp Elder Acuna he speaks perfect english He is the bomb!!! Love ya all tons! Elder Hammer

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