Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Emerson is AP!

Ok i sent an email home last week but it doesnt look like it made it through!! But this week President thought he would mess with me a bit i think! so about 2 weeks ago we had interviews with President and i told him that i have been in bogota forever and he was like yes that is true. You will go to Tierra Caliente to some little town soon and i told him thats awesome. I'm ready. I said i would even be fine not being in a leadership position its cool dont worry about it!! He was like ok!! So this past Wednesday I saw President and he was like Elder Hammer i need to have chat with you. Ok How can i help you President!! he took me into a room and interviewed me again and said Elder Hammer the Lord has called you to be my new ASSITANT!! What the hey!! So i am now the new AP!! What the new AP in Bogota!! Thats the opposite of what i asked for!!! haha!! Staying in Bogota with more responsibility!!! But it is awesome!! But it is a lot of work!! I came to the office Sunday after church and started me new duties as Assitant to the President!! Its pretty cool!!! Im basically the errand guy for President! I am allowed to be alone. I have a comp. He is awesome!! Elder Perez is from Bolivia! hes super cool!! we get along great!! I am also with Elder hernandez from colombia!! I am taking Elder hernandez spot as AP! he leaves next week!! We manage like everything on the mission. its pretty cool!! this month i go with president to tour the mission with him as we have to do transfers and all! tonight i have to go pick up the new american missionaries from the Airport at 10 at night, so i wont sleep tonight! didnt sleep last night because i had to pass all of the changes and my comps and i have to organize all of the transportation and logisitcs of everything!! but its super cool!! We will have 6 missionaries living in our house!!! its super fun!! We didnt have p-day today because we had to go do stuff in the office to prepare for all of the transfers and all pick up a new mexican elder that came in today all of that good stuff!!

Tomorrow i have to do a training session for all of the new missionaries that come in tonight and have to take them all to get all of the papers and all to get their I.D cards and all of that good stuff! But truth be told, I love it!! I like being busy!! Its better to be busy that to be lazy and the more the Lord gives me to do, the better i feel a bout serving Him! I am glad for this new assignment!! I am glad that the Lord is pleased with me and has considered me to be an example to me fellow missionaries!! Its fun workin with President! Pres took us out to lunch today and we ate real food!! I am in the North part of Bogota where the people are actually more civilized if you could call it that!! Like there are cars and the people have like real phones and watches and dress nice and not too many horses and all!! I went to visit a family in my new area last night and was like woo!! the family was complete with a mom and dad and kids and the kids where like american basically!! It kind of scared me a bit!! I didnt know how to act!! In all of my past areas everyone just comes and tells me about some weird story about something and there was always something weird happening out side but here it is more calm and chill! It kind of freaked me out haha!!

But i was glad to leave my area roma on a good note of a baptism my last day there!! Felipe!! felipe is a funny man!! His family is hilarious!! He has a 5 year old kid. Everytime we went to teach him his kid Bryan would come to fight us it was perfect i love playing with this guy, his my buddy!! I was sad when i said good bye!! When i left the house Bryan was cling out the window sayin bye to me haha!! The kid is great!!! But I am stoked about my new assignment but a bit bummed at the same time!! the thing is that AP never baptize!! Its super hard because we are almost always in the offices!! We are always with President doing errands and logisitcs for everything! But we are gonna change that!! I came on the mission to baptize, and thats what we are gonna do!! baptize the world baby! YA!!!

 I am super stoked to hear about Franky gettin his blessing!1 That is so awesome!! I am so proud of my brother!! Hes the most hardcore man alive!! YES for Franky!! I am so greatful to have Grandpa be a patriarch!! I love reading my blessing!1 It gives me so much strength and help in my life!! As I grow in understanding of the Gospel i grow in understanding my blessing and understanding of my God!! The Work is awesome, but at times it gets me frusturated!! ITs like idont know how in the world i could teach something so clear and still someone not understand or just say no i dont want to!!1 AHHHH!!! me saca la piedra!!! I have no idea what the would translate into english but that I feel when the people dont listen to us!!But i am greatly for the trust that the lord has in me!! I love you all ton and am glad to hear about everyones lives a movin forward in Christ.
Love Elder hammer