Friday, May 18, 2012

family 7/14/2012

Dear family of mine! It was great talking to you all! I love my family so much!! I am so grateful for all of you! My heroes are you guys, my family rocks!! I love Colombia, I love the mission, but this past year and 1/2 has helped me put alot of stuff into sharper perspective and i am excited to put my new perspective into plan after the mission. But as of now, i am loving the mission life!!

Wednesday morning I am going to Villavicencio, you should check it out on google maps or something, its a cool little town and then next week we got multizone conference so more time to do training. The thing about the mission is that we do a lot of training every week we train. It is a good reminder about how in our everyday lives we also need training on how to fight off the adversary and also to build our relationship with God. In the mission alot of people think that the only thing that we need to do is just not do harm to any one, but how wrong of a thought is that. Our purpose is to become like God, not because he casted off evil, but because he created good, that is what we are to do here. Create a place where we can feel the presence of God - create God's kingdom here on Earth! Its not just to not fall into temptation but so much more, to let the Light of Christ on earth shine. Understanding the gospel I feel as enabled me to be able to love deeper, understand and know me better, get to know God more and Have a greater respect for the Family and my Family in particular!! Love ya all tons, Elder Hammer

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