Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thanks Mom

hey mother dear!! I love this snapfish thing haha!!! truth be told I dont know what is snapfish, i think i need to install a program it says and i cant do that on the programs here! I could see like 4 pics nothing more!! If you could send them in like a different folder or just the normal that would be AWESOME!! but i dont know how to work this snapfish thingy haha!! Right now I am in the hotel cafè and I am doing my office work in the hotel haha!! Its an awesome little hotel, really its a big hotel! Its hard being a missionary in a hotel haha! Therels the pool, all of the families just chilling around the hotel and all. There's the tennis courts the pool tables ping pong all of the fun stuff and all. We dont have much time to just be in the hotel but it was a temptation to turn on the TV last night and sit and watch some discovery channel or something, but we didnt haha!! But it was fun. We did our studying today on the balcony of the hotel that overlooks Girardot it was fun. Its more of like a Honey moon type of Hotel. My comp was buggyin me the whole time like, freak, why do i have to be with you here and not my wife haha! Great ol Elder Acuna i love him to death!!

 I have realized how much I love my dear mom this past few days! Working with other missionaries i am in charge of helping the missionaries that are struggling and all in the mission and i always ask how there families are going and there relationship with their parents and all. I am so glad for you and Pops! Parents like you are hard to find these days! I find myself dreamin more of coming home too. I aint off or trunky but that home is callin me. I cant wait to just give ya all a great big hug!! I really miss you sing the goodnight song and my baby song and all. I would love it if you could send me a CD of you singing those songs!! THat would be perfect!!!I really miss you singing to me. Elder Steed is basically my twin. He lives on the 1st floor and he says that his mom would always sing the cougar shout song, so at times we sing it together just to remember our moms haha!! We are grown up mamas boys. haha I have actually become a clean freak. I will have to send a pic some time of the posters i made in our house!! It says if you dont wash your dishes, than you will find them in your bed haha!!! so if the Elders in the house dont wash there dishes, then i put them in there bed as a kindly reminder to wash them! haha!! I got sick of washing everyones dishes! I HATE IT!! I LOVE A CLEAN HOUSE!! I now realize how hard it would be to be a stay at home mom! There is a lot to do to maintain a house! We live in like a legit house here and its 2 stories 3 baths, 3 rooms a huge salon and a dining room and a courtyard! SO it s a lot to maintain and living with 4 guys, it doesnt stay clean. Constantly doing laundry, washing the hosue ,sweeping, dishes and all of that stuff! But i cant stand a dirty house! Theres and Edler from Peru that lives in the house. I am always on his case, i feel like his mom. He always leaves his dishes out, the pans all oily and never cleans his bathroom he does nothin!! AHH! We now have gringo bathroom where Elder Steed and I keep it nice clean always! I am glad my mother not only keeped the house clean, but taught me and instilled in me the desire to clean it! I aint the most organized Elder but i am actually gettin pretty organized! So basically what i am trying to say with all of this stuff is that I LOVE MY MOTHER!!! LOVE YA A WHOLE BUNCH!! and i can wait to come home and have like 3 months to clean the house and do weird projects with ya haha!! Love ya mother dear,
 your missionary son,
 Elder Hammer

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