Monday, April 16, 2012

Love of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups {March 15, 2012}

I got my easter package this week!! Thank you alot my family! i loved it a whole ton!! the Easter Bunny came early to Colombia this week! haha!! I loved the candy!! Mom. I love your spanish!! haha!!! Jesus Christo!! haha!! Its Jesucristo!! Its one word without the H and the second s. haha!! I love my Mom!! But loved the candy, and letters and Moms talk! killer!! loved it!! I learned alot about love from this package tat ya ll sent me! Well i opened it while i was in the offices and i gave everyone in the office a little something somethin, and all and i gave President a reeeses cup! He first refused it and I was like pres, when was the last time you have eaten a Reeses cup buddy. and he was like 5 years i suppose!!(pres served in argentina for 2 years then they called him to extend 3 years as Mission President in Colombia) He hasn't been home for 5 years almost!! what a great example of service to the Lord!!! So anyways he ended up accepting the candy, just small little recesses cup! Then later on that night Sister Casablanca called me(Presidents wife) and gave me thanks for giving her a reeses cup!! I was like umm your welcome!! President saved the reeses cup for his wife cuz he knows its her favorite candy!!! Wow!! What an awesome small great act of service!! I love president!! It made me think of how important it is to to the small sacrifices!! I am sure that pres wanted the candy, something so small that he was always thinkin of his wife, in every ascpect, as smallas a candy!! What a great Mission President I have!! I am greatful for his example that he gives me!! He is a great man, by example and love!! I will be workin and he just comes in and distracts me to tell some small story and is just a great man!!

 I love my companion!! Elder Perez is the best thing that has happened to me!! haha!!! We are super close!! I trust him with everything we get a long super!! The other day he was like Elder hammer if i was a woman would you marry me!! I was like what haha!! Thats the best question to ask me!! haha!! What a grear kid, we get along just perfect!! After this small demonstration of service by president we try to implemant more service in our companionship!! Its great!! Just small things to do!! While i stole his shoes and shined them, while i was showerin he made me breakfast!! What a great companion i have!! I am greatful to God for having him as a comp!! Well I complete my 1st transfer as A.P!! its been great!! I travel alot! Tonight i get to go to the airport to pick up the new missionaries!! I love doing that, they come with great emotion and desire to get the work going!! Good kids!! Seems like my lovely family is doing great!! Proud of my fam! Sister JAy, your house looks super tight!!! Wow!! I might have to crash up in there!! Wow!!! Evy looks like a champ!! wow!! I am gonna have a great time hanging out with that little baby! wow, and the one that comes after!! BIG NEWSS!! Remember Pedro, they guy that got stabbed and God healed him!! Well, he is gettin married this week and Baptized Saturday! He called me and gave me the news! I almost cried literally of joy!!! WOWOW!!!! How great that is gonna be!! To witness his marriage and baptism!! I am super stoked!! THe Lord does miracles!! A man living on the streets, to being stabbed, to now have a job, be reunited with his family, getting married anad being baptised and recieve the preisthood!! TALK ABOUT MIRACLES!! Pedro is my pride and joy of the mission!! My faith as come to knowledge from seeing some many miracles in my life in the mission!! The gosple is true!! I love my savior!! There aint nothin better than being a missionary!! Well gotta go pick up new missionaries now!! TTYL!! haha( havent said that in a while haha Elder Hammer

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