Monday, April 16, 2012

April 10, 2012

Well my comp aint really dead. He's just leaving and dying in missionary terms!! He leaves on Wednesday to go with president to the Hot lands, I get to stay in bogota! Then my comp will leave on next Saturday. He'll come back Wednesday from the hotlands with President!!!Ahh!! It is sad to see him go, he has been a good comp and a great friend! Elder Perez will be greatly missed!! Today was his birthday! So i woke up and made him breakfast, pancakes and french toast!! these are rarities here but i managed to find them. He had about half the zone over last night and had another all out pillow fight!! Then in the morning we all sang happy Bday and all and i gave him a butterfly knife for his brithday haha!! Good bday gift right!

So i get my next part time companion tommorow. Elder Espinola. Hes an argentinan! Hes cool. But the thing is is that hes not gonna be my new comp. Hes gonna be with me for a while until the new transfer comes in 3 weeks then he is gonna go to Ibague.So hes not an an assitant but will be my assitant for a while haha!! Basically is gonna be following me around for a while!!

But i want to take advantage of this time and work alot of time in our area!! Just to let you know the holy spirit does guide! We were walking home on Good friday at night at like 730. I got the impression that we needed to contact but didnt know where or who, but knew we needed to give a book of mormon away. So while we were waiting at stoplight someone grabbed me by the arm, I thought we were gonna get robbed!! AHH!! but no, he asked what church where we from, i told him who we were and he got mad and left when i told him! I yelled and asked if he needed help with somethin. Good thin i am a gringo and he didnt understand me, i yelled again, he didnt understand me, so he walked back to me, i told asked if he needed help, he got mad and i asked him is there something that we did to make you mad or is there something to impide you to listen to us. He doesnt believe in modern prophets. We talked about the restoration, he didnt like a thing about it, then we kept testifying about the necessity of the Book of Mormon he softened a bit, then we kept talkin to him. By the end we have talked for over an 1 1/2 in the street, we gave him a Book of Mormon and a pamphlet of the restoration and an appointment!! AHH!! I love the sweet miracles of the mission, from turning an angry, misunderstood man into a believer!! This is what the mission is all about!! Love Ya All Elder Hammer

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