Monday, April 16, 2012

It was bomb- April 2, 2012

I am eternally grateful for General Conference!! It is the best thing in the world!! We surely had some lives changed this week! from Conference we really get recharged! We had only a 2 investigators that could go with us to general conference this weekend, but their lives were changed!! The stake center is kinda far away!! But wow!! We put a baptismal date with Laura it was the second lesson we had with her. The 1st lesson was more like an intro. to what we do and just an overview of what is the Gosple and we invited her to come and know Real Prophets and apostoles through Conference!! She received revelation before she even got there!! We gave her a pamphlet about the restoration and she read it before the conference and she prayed and knew Joseph smith was a prophet before we even taught her about him. She read all of the testimonies and up to ch. 5 of 1st nephi in 3 days!! Wow!! she has really been prepared to receive the gospel!! What an amazing investigator!! she went to both sessions on sunday and loved it!! WO!! YESS!!

Sometimes being AP I dont like it cuz it takes me out of teaching in homes with people and workin in my area!! We alaways are doing something, but when we do our best the lord blesses us with Golden investigators. We have few investigators in our area, but they are all excellent investigators.The wonderful mercy of God!!! our area is a diffucult area! We share our area with a 2 sister missionarys. They are cool, but they know the area better and have more of the investigators!! Usually when we contact and we get new investigators and they are girls we just hand them the refernce so they can teach more often to them! This Wednesday and thursday we have training that we are in charge of doing!! I am stoked! I love doing trainings! Our mission is Awesome!! It is definately unique! No one has missionaries like we do. Everyone from every backround but looking to serve God! Love it!! We are gonna do a Contact work shop! Workin on how to contact people!! I recieved a lot of reveltaion in the conference of how to do better in our trainings and how to teach! President gave my comp and I two hours to train this conference so we are gonna divide up the missionaries in 2 groups. I am gonna talk about how to lose fear and just preach the gosple! Then about how to have the confidence in teaching the doctorine and then some practices and all!! My comp and i have made certificates certifying them saying that they have been properly trained to contact and we have this awesome work shop planned out! bbut as always if you have any ideas or somethin hook me up!! I need them still!! All is well in the lords field!! Love and miss you all! Elder hammr

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