Monday, April 16, 2012

Transfers - March 26, 2012

Well, this past week was the week of transfers. It was super busy. We were only in our area 2 1/2 days but we worked our tails off and were able to get 12 lessons in!! But it was a crazy week, alot of running around the city, helping everyone with transfers and all!! ahh!! transfer week is always a lot of work and stress! But we are doing work!

So this week we went to pass by for a lesson with someone we contacted the other day and we got them the dad of the lady invited us in and all into their garage! We were like alright, they were settin up for some christian worship service, we were like, we will pass back later, but they were like no stay, stay. so we stayed and like 20 minutes later the meeting started it was a small congregation of like 20 people. We started singing and all and then we started clappin our hands and all! It was pretty fun! I had fun singin and all!! and then they started a Bible study, and we basically studied the law of Chastity and Word of Wisdom! so in the class the pastor held up a poster about the things that damage our body and all! In the class we talked about how drugs, alcholo, sex, pornography, tatoos and all damage our body. so on this poster board it had a list of all of the these things!! the pastor said that we shouldn't look at women in inmodest clothes and all of that stuff and on the poster it had a list of all the things written down but it only had one picture on the board and it was a picture of some under wear model!! haha!! I almost died laughin! haha! It was great!! We were like why do they have that on the board!! It said drugs and all but had not picture of drugs, just they lady in her underwear haha!! the lady that we contacted is the sister of the pastor and we met this lady one day in the street and she was crying and she came to us crying and all and told us everything how she just broke up with her boyfriend and she didnt know if she was pregnant and how she has all of these problems and all! and then when we were in this meetin she was all like the most active one in the Church all like its bad to fornicate ya dont do it!! I was like what!! you dont know if your pregnant! haha!! But we had a great time there!! We sang and prayed like 20 times in this meetin!! Good times! But as we left the meetin my comp and I were like, wow i am so greatful for the restoration!

While we were in the meeting in the bible study part, we taught alot actually. They knew what we shouldnt do but they didnt know why. It is so important to know the doctrine of why! they understood the princible or fundamentals but the doctrine is the meat of the lesson so we taught them the why! My testimony was strengthened so much of the great importance it is to understand the doctrine. the doctorin is everythin! I love the church. It is the best.

Sadly this weel Pedro couldnt get married!! His wife had an error in her papers. so the weddin is still on pause! hopefully it wont take too long to get it all fixed!! But i am sure it should happen soon!! Well all is well here on Bogota! living and loving life.
Love, Elder Hammer

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