Saturday, March 17, 2012

Attacking evil 3/12/3012

Well last night we had the most outragous pillow fight the world has ever know!! WE had a zone sleep over in our house!! Our house is big its two stories!! So we had 4 companionships over to make brownies and cookies and ice cream and all the goodies it was super fun! But with all the sugar we had to get rid of it all and we just let it all out in a hard core pillow fight!! I didnt know that a pillow fight could be so deathly haha!! We had pillows flyin everywhere! It was awesome!1 Loved it! We had a pillow that got demolished it was like a sandlot ball as a pillow style!! Wowo!! WE played hard core!! Ya i know a pillowfight sounds like a girlythingy to do but, wow! We played with latinos and they know how to play haha!! It was a good bounding moment! I love it that we are all men in our Zone!! We would pound the heck out of each other with pillows and then after we would be like! Wow! THat was a good hit Elder!! Congrats haha! Good group of Elders! Every now and then we need to release it out!! haha!

Our area is growing!! YESS!!! Elder Perez and I are working on our time mangegment!!! I love being assistant but i dont like the fact that we are never in the area to work but we are doing better in our planning and we are seeing the blessings!! wow! We have some excellent investigators! We met some awesome people!! The thing is is that we dont contact much in our area but i like to teach when we travel in buses or taxis to not feel like a loser going on a ride!! But the Lord has blessed us with 3 new families that are excellent! Wow!! And they contacted us while we were in the street!! I loved it!! On thursday we were walking and a lady contacted us! (people trust alot in us sometimes too much) So we were walkin and she asked if we were missionaries!! And she told us her life story even to the point of telling us that she just got out of a relationship and that she was gonna be a christan missionary but she went out with her boyfriend and now she finished with him and she doens t know if shes pregnant!! Then she asked us, what should i do!! My comp and i were like well, PMG says nothing about this question from the soul. But my wise comp said! Be of good cheer, everything will turn out ok!! Then she was super happy and was so glad to talk to us!! So the Lord blesses us when we really try to do His work!! I am not the perfect missionary, but iwant to be and try!! and the Lord blesses us for a work and he gives us awesome experiences!!

 I love my comp! Elder Perez is my best friend! WE have great times everyday! WE like to study the doctrine and we love to study and teach! its great!! We are working on changing lives, one person at a time! Sometimes it gets overwhelming but we just have to remind ourselves one person at a time!! Day by day! The Lord protects us! Sometimes He protects us too much i feel!! The Colombian life is way differnt from mine!! It makes me think alot of why me, why am i so blessed with my life!! I have never really sufferen from a trauma of something, lost someone close to me, never been stabbed or shot or nothing like that!! Everyone here, has a story, has a wound!! I love teaching with the scripture in Jacob 2:8 The gosple heal the wounded soul! The Lord has blessed us with teaching a Jewish brother!! Wow!! What a great privilege God has given us!! Alejandro(The Jew) doesnt believe that Jesus is our Savior, what a great opportunity that we have to testify, he doesnt know why there needs to be a Christ or why it was Jesus and that the Messiah already came!! I love it!! I dont know much about Jewish doctrine, just the basics, my comp knows alot!! So he helps me a lot and we love teaching him!! He is a great friend of mine!! We only have taught him 2 times! and its as if we have been friends since birth! The great thing about Alejandro is that he wants to believe in a Christ but doesnt know how!! When he talks to me, he is super realistic, he is sincere!! He talks to be really as a brother!! and i love the guy as a brother!! THats what i love about being a missionary!! you become friends with everyone!! Your family grows so much! I am loving dear friends!! Love ya all a ton!! Elder Hammer I will send pics tommorow!! I cnat send from this como but i am i nthe office tommorow!!

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  1. Hello to the Hammers :) This is Becky Cox, and I don't know if you remember me, but I was friends with Elder Hammer senior year. I haven't written Emerson since he was in the MTC, and that is just TOO long! I want him to know that I am supporting him, so I'm just wondering what the protocol is for sending something. You guys have his address posted, so can I send mail to that address?
    Let me know, and I'm looking forward to sending my encouragement. Sounds like he's doing great!