Saturday, March 10, 2012

sweet people doing the Lord's work 2/27/2012

WOW!! The Lord loves to bless us for our work!! I love my Savior soo much!! We are kicking some tail in Bochica!! In our area its pretty dead, but we are workin on changin that around!! I love it!! My comp and I had a good plannin session last week and i told him that i came here to do the Lords will and to baptize the world and just because we are AP doesnt mean a thing, we still are here to baptize, so we organized ourselves, so we can get some work done. I dont like to be in the offices too much, the less the better!!! So we were able to work in our area 4 days this week!! YESS!! We contacted people we taught we did it all!! YES!! It is super hard to talk to the people here, they aint as warm as in the southern parts, its a bit harder to contact people, but the people that listen, legitametly listen and understand us a lot better!! They are better educated and we can talk a bit more a bout doctrine and the people have a real interest that listen to us!! So wednesday in the night time we were walkin to an appointment and some guy crossed the street to talk to us while we were walkin(In this part of town, its ok, it aint dangerous at first i was like crud he s gonna rob us by no!! YEA!! haha) He was like i have a friend who wants to kill himself, what will happen to him after death, what will God do to him!! he caught me a bit off guard but we taught him in the street for a bit and then we was like come on over to my house tomorrow, so we gladly did! He loved the plan of salvation!! IT was great!! God blessed us to meet him. He is called Freddy!! Then we had an appointment on Sunday after church with a 16 year old girl. We were waiting for her to come. She has to have the appointments in the chapel cuz her dad aint a fan of other churchesWe were waiting for her to come and it started to poor down in rain for like 1/2 an hour and then she comes around the corner all drenched!! I was like woow, soo sorry you got super drenched but she was so happy, she was like, theres no price you can put on getting to know Christ!!! I was like wow what a killer response!! She read the book of Mormon like 10 chapters more that we gave her to read!! AWESOME!! She is the best person i have ever met!! Wow!! Second lesson and is spectacular!!

I love teachin the people here!! Then we met another guy this week who is jewish!! He is super tight!! He was a reference from a member!! Wow!! What a stud!! Love the guy to death!! He came to shurch and was like, i am ready for a change, i can i let God work in me!! Wow he was great! He is super friendly!! I love the guy! When i present myself I say, Qhubo, yo me llamo Elder Hammer y yo vengo de Cali!! and they're like huh!! What oh ok, then I say no de California!! haha! They love it!! So the Ward calls me the CaleƱo! haha!! SO they all joke with me, i like friendly people!!

 I almost cried of the kindness of this sister in the Ward!! My time in the mission is starting to show and my shirts are stained and i dont think i have a pair of pants that havent ripped yet haha!! So a sister offered to fix my paints for me!! I was so greatful, she s this olderly lady like 75 or something but just a sweety!! Sister Garzon and she fixed 5 pairs of paints, i was expecting to pay her but she did it for free!! WOW!! I love her, what a great act of service!! She did and excelent job on fixing my pants I am so greatful for fixin my paints!! I was meanin to get the fixed but i got changed here and was waiting for my new Credit card to come in to pay for it all, but this kinds lady recognized an Elder in need and took the opportunity to serve!! I am so greatful to her!! So this week we are going to a pueblo called Villao so i am gonna get her a souvenir to show her my graditude!! Great lady! I love it here!! Loving the mission, loving my comp to death!! just a boat load of love here!!

My comp is my best friend! We hate goin to sleep cuz we would love to just stay up talking!! we tlak all day long about randomness or about doctorine alot!! and night come too fast and then the day even faster!! But my comp is a poet! He writes poems so we love tlaking poetry and stuff!! So i play with him a lot we always pull little pranks on each other!! HE wrote a poem called beadsheets of mud!! haha!! Its a weird poem but he won some poetry competion and has a poem website and is a few poetry books!! So i decided to write a poem called sabanas sucias haha!! and i wrote it in whiteboard marker in his bedsheets!! so at night he got in bed and was like what is written in my bed!! haha!! And read the poem and was like wow!! THis is genius!! a poem written in my bed!!! How great!! haha!! We always write eachother poems around the house about random stuff just to get a laugh out of it!! Like our house is huge and we bothhave our own showers, so in my bathroom mirror he wrote me a poem called the reflectin mirror!! haha! Great kid!! SO we are enjoying our companionship, we mess around, we talk doctorine we are being moved throught the spirit!!

 Loving the mission!1 Just loving it here!! This week we studied Captain moroni!! WOW! What a man he is!! When he write the card to pahoran!! Wow!! Straight and direct!! His loyalty is the God!! Then what a killer reaponse of Pahoran responding to Moroni tellin him about the uprising of the people in the city and says how he wasnt mad at him and is greatful that he had enough passion to get in his grill about everything and how moroni was really in the cause of liberty for God!! Loved it!! Saturday president called us and told us we have to to a capicitaion on Wednesday for the wholew mission!! I am stoked!! WE are capacitating about the doctorine of obediencse!! What a great topic!! We have studying this out its gonna be a great training session! We are talkin about the agency in obedience why we obey, for what reasons!! Everythin1! its gonna be great!! Then on wednesday after the conference we are traveling to Villao!! and we get be ack Saturday night! Its gonna be fun! Its gonna be a swell week!! Love ya all a ton! Stay strong in the Gosple dear friends!1 Elder Hammer P.S tommorow while im in the office i will send pics!!

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