Saturday, March 10, 2012

we make people work 3/5/2012

Well this week was a pretty fun week!! The thing about being assistant is that we work a lot and travel alot, we eat super good, but we dont sleep and we dont have time in our area so we have to work hard in the few days in our area if we want to baptize anyone!! SO this week we went to a little pueblito called Villavicencio!! IT was super awesome!! ITs a little smaller town of aout 300 000 habitantes!! its a small big town!! We did some divisions and then we are doing some trianing with the mission so we travel for atleast 2 days every week!! We were in Villao for 4 days this week! On wednesday we had to do a training in the Cold lands!!! on Tuesday we had Council of leaders!! with Tierra Fria! We left for Villao Wednesday and we did divisions the whole week with the elders down there!! It was fun!! ITs a different feeling down there! We sweat alot and all! But its all good! But i dont like workin with the elders when they cant even keep the basic rules! We can not go into houses with women alone!! It's like presidents number one rule!! And they all tried to do it!! I was like Elders why are we tryin to teach women alone!!! AHHH!! WOMEN ARE DANGEROUS IN THE MISSION!!! haha!! I am not one to correct people!! I dont know how to do it still!! I cant be too hard on them nor too soft!! But we had a good training session!

Thanks Pops!! I got your links and all! Keep sending me good ideas to do trainin sessions! Every week I have to give at least one capacitation!!! I was able to use alot from your email Pops!! This week we wil be in an area Tunnjuelito!! haha!! Tunjuelito is a super ugly area!! Its a whole some of PAtio Bonito haha!! But i love those areas!! Today for Pday we went to a little pueblo! IT was super cool! IT was like an hour bus ride out of Bogota!! ITs the most calm place i have ever been in my life!! Probably a city of 3000 people!! But nobody was in the street!! It has a big Laguna there so we went and messed around on the shore and all! and me and my homies we all took some model misionary pics haha!! Check em out baby!! IT was suepr fun! WE had a blast!! We just walked around this little town! wasnt much to do but it was just fun to enjoy the day in a chill enviroment! I love my comp! he is the best!! WE always area talking and always messing around but yet workin! We love the mission!! Its great to have a comp that loves the mission!! We have a great time leading the missionaries!! Sometimes its get a bit annoying that everyone always calls us!! Like my phone rings like 5 tims an hour! missionaries with questions, problems or something!! ITs funny though! So I have the best comp! We just keep each other relaxed!! WE try to handle eveything calmly! haha! THis week some stuff wnet down in the mission!! haha!! WE are doing things that dont happen in other missions i think!! haha! THere are things that only happen in Colombia!! haha!! But we keep loving it!!

 Dear friends and family love ya all a ton!! keep up the good work! I am loving it in Colombia!! Doing the work! Whenever my comp and i get tired or a bit discourage we always just tell each other!! hey one more mile wont hurt!! So we just get back up, go contact go teach and we do work! YA!! WE hope to have 2 baptisms this month!! We will get them wet!! Proud of everyone and everything that is good! I am excited to have 2 new neices/ nephews or maybe a third one soon!! Tight that JAys gettin a house! Congrats!! Keep going strong dear parents of mine!! I teach alot about true love with the example of Mom and DAds mariage and Franky awesome with your schooling news! Atta boy!! Tookies!! Keep being tookies! nad bein my sister!! Love ya tons Elder Hammer

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