Saturday, March 10, 2012

my comp is awesome! 2/20/2102

I am with my comp Elder Perez. He's from Bolivia!! I love being his comp! We have a blast!! I didnt know how stressfull it is to be AP but my comp is awesome!! We both are easy going hard workers!! We both love to joke around and help lift the burdens of the other missionaries!!! Its great!! We made a slogan that we want to show the other missionaries that being a missionary is fun! Just smile! my comp told me that his mom tells him that the secret to happiness is to be grateful. If you were always grateful you would always be happy!! So we try to live by this principle!! Its super fun!! WE get along just swell!! i love Elder Perez!!! Its fun to have a comp like him who understands the doctrine and likes to explore it, really explore it!! We walk and talk and we study the doctorine as we walk, we play fun games when we have to travel we play a fun scripture chase game!! right now we are in a trio!! Elder Perez, Elder Hernandez and I! I am replacing Elder Hernandez and he is with us at times!! So someone picks a topic and the other has to find a scripture that deals with that topic the fastest!! It helps alot to be able to teach a principle in a lesson to be able to find a scripture fast!! Sometimes someone will pick just a a word or a name and you have to find the word in a scripture! I love the scriptures!! They are the best!!

We put a baptismal date this week!! I LOVE TEACHING THE GOSPEL!! ITs great!! We just teach every where! It's the best to be able to teach the gospel!! Its the worst when people dont let you testify to them!! In this area its a bit more dificult to work, they got more money!! Like there are cars and people have iphones and all!! Its a safe area!! Thats what bugs me the most!!! I miss my gangster friends in my other areas haha!! I like teachin to the humble!! The contacts here are quick and you got ta talk to them quick which is my weak point!! When i speak fast no one onderstands my spanish so it kills me!!

 My comp! Elder Perez is a poet!! So he is trying to teach me to speak more poetic and helps me a lot with my spanish!! Its great!! I love it!! He is soo cool because its a normal thing for us to be just walking and we will bear testimony to another!! ITs great, it really helps to teach with the spirit to just bear testimony as we go walkin!! Elder Hernandez is goin home on Thursday. He is gonna study at BYU in some english class in April!! So i have been helpin him with his English haha!! I teach him the essentials, pick up lines haha!! SO every night i teach him a knew pick up line so he can flirt with the ladies and all at BYU!! He wants to get married fast, i told him to get a gringa! haha! He is an excellent missionary!! He has been my role model in the mission!! he was my second ZL and now we are companions its great!! I love Elder Hernandez!! The other day i was studyin at my desk ad Elder Hernandez comes up and say ow wow!! you shot me with your eyes, ya ya, your eyes are like the ocean and more pretty than the stars!! haha!! I busted up dying of laughter!1 I was like yes, that is the best pick up line i have ever heard!! He s gonna do great at BYU haha!! Life is well!! We put a baptismal date yesterday!! We should have a baptismal in March!! It will be the first baptism in Bochica for almost a year!!! We'll see how we get this buddy in the water!! Love ya all a ton!! Keep up the good work!! Love ya all a ton, Elder Hammer

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