Saturday, March 10, 2012

week 1 as AP 2/14/2012

This week was super hardcore! I stay super busy and i dont sleep a wink!! AHHH! I would love to sleep sometime but it looks like the Lord has other plans for me!! It was so fun this week. I was basically helping all of the new missionaries get settled in in their areas and everything!! I love the missionaries!! They are all so cool! I love serving them, I just dont like it how all of the errands we do are always so late!! So on monday i went and picked up the missionaries from the Airport!! I loved watching them. There's a glass door that you wait at to pick up the people from the airport and you see them go through customs and all of immigration and get their luggage and all so i saw them all lost and confused. It was great. I remember my first days in Colombia as if it were yesterday!! So anyways theres like a big mob of people always waiting outside the door waiting for people holding up signs of the chauffeur and all!! so i held up my missionary nametag so the missionaries could recognize us so we could pick em up and all! So one of the missionaries saw my nametag and was like your Elder hammer, we know you! I was like, awesome, i got no idea who you but i guess i am famous!! and all of the new Gringos from the MTC knew me haha!! They were like we met your girlfriend in the MTC. I didnt know i had a girlfriend but ok!! It was Janet haha!! I started bustin up laughin cuz i havent heard from her in a while but on Monday i got a letter from her and all and my comp and i were talkin about her right before we picked up the new missionaries. I was reading the letter on the way to the airport in the taxi!! haha!! But the gringos are so cool!! I had a great time with them this week!! They got in on Monday night like at 11:30. We didnt get back to the hotel of the temple til like 1 almost. We had to wake up at 6 on Tuesday then I gave them the welcoming to the mission and all and we got all of their i.d. cards and went to a temple session in the night time. I had to do an errand after that and didnt get to bed till 12 on tuesday. Wednesday we woke up and we got on a bus and went to Giraldolt. I got the news all situated in their areas there and then we went to Ibague. We were in the bus for hours on Wednesday and didnt get to sleep till 1 again.

I went and did division with the zone leaders in the hot lands this week!! I finally got out of Bogota!!! I love the hottlands!! It's so different from Bogota!! Its all green with mountains and a lot of farms and jungle!! I love it!!! Its hot!! i didnt have to put on a sweater or nothin!! It was super cool!! The people there have more confidence with one another so its easier to go tractin and all. I met a lot of people this week!! i loved it!! Then last night we got back to Bogota at like 1 again!! so we didnt sleep to much this week and we are all exhausted!!! I couldnt write yesterday cuz we were traveling most of the day, so i will be writing tuesday or Mondays from now on, depends how everything goes in the week!! we dont get to teach all that much!! I loved gettin to travel this week!! But i still have not taught one lesson in my new area!! It drives me nuts!! I want to baptize people but if i aint in my area, i aint gonna get baptizing!!! we always contact the taxi driver or someone and the bus and try to teach them there and get their dats to pass on the reference but for us in our area!! I got no idea what we're doing!! I hope that this week will be a bit calmer!! But i am loving the mission!! It is the best!! I am learning so much!! More than anything, i am learnin about really who is God!! Who is my Savior!! Thats what i love!! I love learnin and betterin my relation with Him!! Its the best!! I love ya all ton, sorry, i gotta start doing some forms and emails and all of the lovely office work!! Love Elder Hammer

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