Tuesday, October 2, 2012

workin in the office 9/10/2012

Well the idea of coming back to the office i have to admit wasnt one of the things on my want list, but the lord knows what he is doing i guess. Still I am working on adapting back to the office life!! I was loving the whole 30+ lessons a week thing and not do a lot less than that haha!! But i try to find the spirit in administration haha!! But this week i had some killer spiritual experience!! As AP in the cold lands i get work a lot closer with the missionaries here! I work with various zones. I do alot more training my voice i feel has more to say in the things of the mission and i feel like i can help in a different way living closer to President! But i teach more to Elders than i do to investigators, and this week with my companion Elder Paes de Farias we had a killer spiritual experience with a missionary. Basically the Elder was being a poopster. So we went to visit him and see how the area was and all. I have learned that you can never show anyone when you are mad, gettting mad does no good. I was really frusturated at this Elder. He wasnt doing anything he should be doing and had no desire to change or help out his companion or nothin! So we went and my comp and i just whipped out the Scriptures and we just taught about the power of conversion. We didnt even mention really what was going on, we just wanted him to understand his point in his conversion process and make him analyze how he was doing in his testimony. We then talked about what was going on, why we had to go visit them and all that stuff. He didnt want to recognize that something had to change. We then talked about baptism and what it means to be a witness of Christ! It was as if we were talking to a wall, we didnt get mad with him, we tried to love him, we left him with his comp with a few goals to complete and stuff like that. The next day they called us, and they were doing a bit better, with some problems then the day after they called us and the Elders companion had a huge change. We went and bought some homeless guy some food, was greeting all of the people, had a huge change in him!! I was so happy and thrilled to see that even us a missionaries can change and repent missionaries are not exempt from repentance!! IT was a great experience for my new companion and I.

 Then later on this week when we were in a taxi we contacted the taxi driver and it was the most spiritual taxi ride in the world. We ended up talking about baptism with the driver and we put a baptismal date with him for the end of November. We passed the reference to the missionaries that live near him and they are now teaching him and his family haha!! What a prepared man he is! I love seeing the way the Lord prepares His children!! We met someone who was truly prepared by the Lords hand to receive the gospel!!

Sunday i had to go help with some stuff in Patio Bonito.They have made a division in the ward boundries so i got to go to help with that and i got to go to sacrament meeting and see all of the converts there and see all of my homies and i was seriously on the edge of crying!! i love those people soooo much there!! THe faith of that ward is so great. I love this great work!!! I love being in the mission field!! There are eternal bonds for me there!! It was so great to see the converts there, 2 of the families thati baptized are gonna get sealed in the temple in November the other fmaily in like may!! AHHH! How cool is that!! I just love those people with all of my heart!! So it was a stressful week. It was full of joy and sorrow, what i hate about my assignment is when something goes wrong with a missionary ,i have to take them to the airport and do all of the hurtful work. It is sad to see an Elder go home before his time is due. It really causes a pain in my heart. It hurts even more when i have to pick him up at 2:30 in the mornin haha!! What a terrible time to go home haha!! But I am glad that we also have missionaries whom are really giving it there all and being the best servant they can be!! I love my comp. he is an inspiration to me, I love the work and I love God! all is well here!! Cant wait to see you all soon!! Hen Good luck with the baby coming soon!! Cant wait!!! FRanky Happy B-day you are now legal!! Hip Hip hurray!! Elder Hammer

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