Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Life is Full of Surprised 9/3/2012

Well I have been changed BACK TO THE OFFICES AGAIN!!!!!!!!AHHHHH!!!! Well I am going back to Bochica be Assistant in the office again!! It was a very unexpected transfer that i am still trying to accept but i will go and give it my all in the offices again! If the lord needs me behind a desk, then thats where i will be! It has been hard to say good bye to ibague! I leave today at 3 so i said good bye to a few of the people here but i have to go to Bogota to receive the new missionaries that come in tomorrow and i will stay there as my area once again in the offices!! It wil be fun but it is nothing like being in the field!! I was in the office for 6 months. Here as AP in the hot lands is perfect cuz i get to travel i get help the missionaries, be Presidents little helper, do the transfers and all of the fun stuff and i have been training so that keeps me going and we have had SOOOO MANY MIRACLES here in this area!! It has really become my home and its the areas i have been in for the least time less that 3 months!!!! AHHH!!

We have been able to activate more than 15 people in these past 3 months, 2 baptisms and we have 5 baptisms planned for the end of the month!! I wanted to finish my last week in the mission with a noche blanca but i wont be here for it!! but it is all for the Glory of God. I have work to do in Bogota even though i am devastated to leave I know that the Lord has a need for me in Bogota! There is a family that I know i should have baptized while i was there but, we didnt get them wet. I know that God is giving me another chance to help this family! Elder Huckbody have beed dedicating ourselves to much fasting this past month! looking for people to teach that are really prepared for baptism.

So this thursday we have a 1/2hr  before a lesson started and we decided to just stop and say hi to a less active sister that we had to drop last transfer, just wanted to say hi and nothing more, invite her to church. I knew we wouldnt have time teach her or anything, so we went said hi and left. We started heading back up the hill to the appointment with Sebastain when a senora on the street asked where is the church around here. We told her where it was and we started talking to her. she met the missionaries before in Texas a few years ago, they knocked on her door, but she never really listened to them. She was carrying her groceries and we offered to help her carry her bags to her house and she lived far like 45 min walkin, so offered to help her carry her bags, as we were walking she was so interested, so alive, with such a desire to know!! She was super awesome!! She is gonna study in UC davis next year in California. She is a dentist that graduated in a college in Texas, speaks perfect english. She came back to Colombia to take care of her dad who just had open heart surgery. In the time walking her to her house with her groceries, we basically talk the whole restoration and the plan of salvation and some of the commandments! haha! It was awesome!! We invited her to come to church which was so glad to. But we couldnt teach her that night cuz we had an appointment to go to! So we called her Sunday morning to confirm that she could come but her brother answered the phone and said she wasnt home!! We were like well this week but next when can come then. When the sacrament started Sara walks in and sits started talking notes in fast and testimony meetings1! She loved it. She went to gospel principles, taking notes the whole time, relief society did the same! She had a long child hood friend who is a member of the branch her, she has afriend in the chapel. We passed by yesterday afternoon, she told us that she needs to get baptized because she feels like she has ancestors that are waiting for her to there baptismal work in the temple and the branch is going in october to the temple and she wants to do their baptismal work!! I was stunned i was like how do you know this stuff!! That is awesome! We started the lesson off with the importance of baptism and why and how God will be guiding her in this life and that she will recieve an answer to her prays, since that moment the spirit was guiding that lesson, it was probably one of the most spiritual lessons i have had in the mission!

This past transfer we have met people so prepared for this gospel. Its like god has just sent us to them to fill up the baptismal font! I am devastated that i will not be here to witness there baptism but Elder Huckbody and his new comp will do great! The Lord has need of me in a nother place now, i will go bust my buns this last month in Bogota, even though we will be in the office a boat load, we will be baptizing someone this month! I know the Lord has someone prepared for me in Bogota. I love this work!! I strive everyday to be worthy that the Lord can trust me with His children to teach and guide them back to Him! the more dedicated i am the more God can trust me with more of His children to teach and he is the one that will prepare them and will guide us to meet! I feel like i am coming to know more of Gods nature and how to know how he is guiding his Work! It really is a great work and a wonder! I love ya all a ton!! But i got to go now to Bogota! I gotta put on a sweater again!! AHHH! I was gettin a bit tanner here in tierra caliente, but i will come back all nice and white for ya all!! haha Love Elder Hammer

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