Tuesday, October 2, 2012

my schedule 9/17/2012

Well I must say that I have been a bit bummed lately being in the office! It takes up all of my time. I never get to teach. We just always teach taxi drivers. I miss being in peoples houses teaching and being with people! It really wears me down. I want to finish the mission being a powerful teacher, but all i have been doing is administrative stuff!! But I came on the mission to Serve the Lord in whatever way he wants me to serve him! So my next 2 1/2 weeks are the following. Tuesday and wednesday, doing my normal office stuff and errands, on thursday - Saturday we have training from some people from the missionary depratment from SLC coming to be with us and i get to take care of them. Then on monday i have meetings with them, tuesday a ZL and DL training, then next thursday Multi zone conference in Bogota, Friday Multi zone conference in Ibague. I am in Ibague for the weekend, then go to Neiva monday afternoon, Tuesday mornin Conference in Neiva, Then travel back to Bogota for my exit interview with President on Wednesday and thursday i am flying in the plane to come home to give the family a big hug on Friday at 2:30! WOOOO!!

I was so depressed to see this calendar, no time at all!! time is flying by so freaking fast!! I am super scared!! I was so pumped last week to go home!! Then seeing what lays ahead of me i am like ahh, noo, i should extend, there aint enough time to do everything!! AHHH!!! But i love my companion! Elder Paes de Farias is from Brazil, he is teaching me alittle portuguese! Its fun. I teach a little english to him!! We get along just great! We have similar humor! WE have been head over heels here. We have right now like 35 missionaries training right now, with other missionaries with some other necessities, so i have been trying to help them all out, trying to give my best my last few days here! I have killed 8 of my 12 companions. I know how it is to kill, i dont want to be a burden to my comp!! A missionary til the end!! Its been fun with him! He is an excellent companion!! I feel like he really is a companion, we work together well! I am glad that he is gonna be my last comp! So these last 2 weeks i am just organizing all of the stuff in the mission, gotta leave it better than how i found it! So all is well here!

Loving life, trying to do my best to be a faithful servant and to testify to the maximum everyday! I cant wait to see my new best friend!! I am getting stoked to meet that baby warner!! only like 2-3 more days right!! WOO!!! I cant wait to see the photos!! good luck sister hen!! Love ya all Elder Hammer

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