Tuesday, October 2, 2012

his words never cease

Yesterday i had the best experience ever! President assigned me to go to Villa Sonia ward (My first area) to help the missionaries there do a lesson in the 3rd hour and I had to go and help them teach!! I was thrilled!!! As I walked in to that building the 1st person i saw sitting on the 1st bench was my dear Yolanda!! The 1st lady I baptized almost 2 years ago!! She looked at me at came wobbling over and shouted !!MI PADRINO!!!JAJA!! )Godfather) She is the cutest old lady ever she is like 80 something and the cutest old lady in the world i love her so much! I felt so blessed to have been able to have taught her! Then later on i see all of my friends Duvan, Katherine, Luis, Gloria the whole crew!! I was so grateful to have been able to have my last sunday in Colombia in the same ward where i started the mission!! I got to say hi and bye to my loved ones there!! What a great feelin it is to go see the fruits nearly 2 years later!! I feel so blessed for the experiences i have had here!

Truth be told it still hasnt hit me that i am going home to rest! It feels like its just gonna be another transfer! I am ready for this transfer though!! I am super stoked to go to my new area to serve the Lord in California!! I am thrilled to teach in my native language. I can not wait to testify to my friends and family!! The Word of God never ceases and neither does his obra!! I cannot wait to continue working in the Work of my savior!! I still have the need to contact people!! I feel empty if i have not testified to someone, or if i am walking i still feel the need to talk to the people in the street!! Its as if it is just another transfer!! The Lord has blessed me with so many experiences In these past 2 years!!

This past week we traveled with presidente for like 20 some hours. We were in his car this week!! And presidente told me to keep him awake with some of my missionary experiences! I love to talk about the miracles and the blessings that i have received in these past 2 years! Testifying even to presidente motivated me even more to keep pushing on in this work!! There are so many people ready for the gospel back home, its just that i didnt know how to recognize the promptings of the holy ghost!!

I was able to say good bye to my dear friends of ours Pres. Pico y la familia Piraquive!! I was able to comfort el Hermano Piraquive!! Pops no estoy si sabia pero su companero murio el mes pasado del cancer. lo siento, pero fue una hermosa experiencia para me a hablar con el y su hija y compartir un rato con ellos!! Es una familia hermosa! I know that this work is not over and i know that i am not done sharing it!! I am so glad to hear that my family is participating in this work too! WE cannot hold it back!!

Today is pday and we had a soccer tournament! It was a blast but my legs are killing me right now! I aint too good but I just love to run around!! But i got tired and sat down for a while, i felt the need to go talk to some dude watching us all play soccer! I walked over and just started talking to him! Turns out he just lost his wife after 35 years of marriage and was passing through some difficult times! I know that the lord guided me to him! I was sweating and gross from playing soccer but i was glad that i could share my testimonio of the Resurrected christ! And what a strong spirit was felt talking to him. It doesnt matter if we are in a park sweaty and gross, the Lord will be with us on His errands!! I have had many experiences here in Colombia expereinces of a life time that only happen in movies, but the most unforgettables memories of these 2 years will be the feeling of being a Servant of God.The Simply spirit that testifies of the truthfullnes of this work, wether it be in a little hut, in a tin shack or in a cement masion, its that spiritula confirmation that that testifies of our Savior Jesus Christ is what is un forgettable and eternal!! I am excited to keep sharing it!! This last week is filled with lessons, training missionaries interviews, and will finish these 2 years doing what i came to do! Bringin souls to Chrsit through Baptism!

I cannot wait to just come home and be with my family. I can not wait to receive the blessings for serving the Lord for these 2 years and receive these blessing with my family!! It gonna be great!! MAy we always strive to serve our Lord and Savior always!! I love you all a ton!! I cant wait to see you all on Friday at 2. Love Elder Hammer

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