Tuesday, October 2, 2012

the testifying continues 9/22/2012

I will never be tired of feelin the guidance of the spirit!1 I absolutely love it!! This week was definitely an awesome one!! I am trying to get everything super organized in the offices and efficient and all of the good stuff, but trying to really seal a testimony upon the hearts that i teach. The only way to be an effective missionary is letting the people know that you are a true servant of God. The only way that the people will know that you are His servant is through the confirmation that one recieves from the Holy Ghost!! The Holy Ghost will only come after a divine and pure testimony coming from the mouth of the servant bearing testimony of our Savior!! There are so many poeple crying for to be feel a pure testimony, looking for servants of God, looking for answers and many times they do not recognize servants of God because we are hiding behind wall of fears, or shyness, or lack of courage or knowledge, but when all the people really need is the moving power of a pure testimony. I have seen how many times i have taught in the mission looking to explain the gospel in the place of testifying of it! There is a big difference!! I am now fully comitted to testify, we will let the spirit do the explaining in the hearts of the people!

 I am very excited to be leaving Colombia doing what i came to do. The night before i leave Colombia Martha will be getting baptized!! We had such a powerful lesson this past week with her that she accepted the baptismal date. She is the mother of Janeth, a convert of mine in Bochica that i was teaching before i left the first time!! The Lord had a purpose in me returning to Bochica. I know that the Lords knows where we need to be and when! It will be a wonderful way to finish my time here in Colombia! right now we have some brothern from the missionary department. They came and did splits with us on Friday night it was pretty fun, i am learning alot. It bums me out that they are doing all of this stuff at the end of the mission but i am glad that i get to participate with them and i am learning a ton! I am trying to keep a good high energy level and really leave everythin here in Colombia!! So i stay busy. This week i dont get pday, nor next week either. I have had my last pday i believe in the mission! I have meetings all day with the missionary department from Salt Lake, then i teach tonight! tomorrow we have a leadership training for the whole mission tomorrow! My replacement comes tonight. Wednesday i have meetings with president and we plan the multi zone conferences and then Thursday we travel to Neiva, I go to Ibague on Friday, i come back monday, tuesday multi zone conference in Bogota and then Wednesday exit interview with President and then Thursday go on the plane!! AHHH!! There is no more time left!!! So i got to take advantage of every minute!! I am soo bummed, yesterday we met an awesome family in our area and we put a baptism date and all with them in the first lesson! they are excellent!! but i will not be here for the baptism! But it was an honor to have taught them! I am enjoying every last second in the mission! I want to give an acceptable offering to the Lord!

Love ya all a ton! I am super grateful to be an uncle!! I cant wait to meet Warner and Evy!! Warner looks like an awesome litttle baby!! Hes got some awesome eyeballs!! I cant wait to see those little ones soon! congrats Ken and Jerry!! love ya alls alot Elder Hammer

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