Friday, September 30, 2011

We tell them the water is hot and they get in!! 9.26.2011

Well i had an interview this week with my lovely president!! He is super hardcore!! He is fun when he can and super spiritual and awesome all at the same time!! Anyways in this interview president asked me how we were doing and all and i told him that we are super busy! He was like i know Elder Hammer! you have the best dats IN THE MISSION!! I told President of course it is!! We work hard!! MY District has the best Dats in the Mission too!! Thats just what we do!! I am super proud of my district and my area and my work!! But i was also pretty sad!! Sure we work hard but we need to baptize a whole lot more!! I was like wow! We also have some improvement to do!! But i am super stoked that we are of course NUMBER 1!! So the president was very pleased of our work here!!! Then i gave me a special one on one Interview he said Elder Hammer the Lord has a special assignment for you!! I was like ok buddy whats going on!! I want to know!! He said the Lord needs you to change areas in October or in November!! When would you like to leave!! I told him well Pres. I love my area but i dont like to procrastinate! If the Lord has something for me to do, lets do it now!! He sat and thought and said, you know what Elder Hammer, the Lord wants you to wait until November! Ok President!! What ever you want! He told me where i am goin who will be my comp and all that good stuff!! Then said Elder Hammer you will have an increase in responsiablities, and he built it all up, he said only one other missionary has had this assignment, but then he would tell me what it is!! I was liek man you have to be kiddin me!! He lead me on and everything and wouldnt tell me nothing!! HAHA!! Presidents awesome!!! So we will see what happens!! Then he was said!! Well Elder Hammer I think it would be best if you stayed in your area and were the senior Companion of your area!! We will be sending another companionship to Patio Bonito you have to look for a new apartment and teach your area to the new Elders!! YES!!!! OF COURSE!! I WOULD LOVE TO!!!!! YES!!! That means we can work doubly hard here and baptize double, strengthen the ward double and be double cooler!!! YES!! Its gonna be super awesome!! So the new Elders come next week!! I am stoked!! So this week Elder Oquendo and I are workin on gettin the area ready to be workin all smooth for 4 Elders!! We are tryin to work better in the Branch here!! But its hard because pure apartments!! But we have a good 4 families that we are teachin a family of 8 and a family if 2 that we are lookin at puttin some of them in the water!!

 This week is gonna be super BOMB!! We have a mission meetin with all of the tierra fria on Thursday. On Friday we are goin to the TEMPLE!!!! YES!! Saturday and Sunday Conference!! I am super stoked!! For conference we have a Gringo Party in the stake!! We watch conference in the secretaries office in English with all of the Gringos!! I have assigned all of my Gringo buddies here to bring different candies and all snack on at conference!! ITs always great to hear the prophets voice!! YES!!! IT will be super cool!! I have been ready the past 3 years of the conference talks these past 2 weeks in personal study! I am hungry to hear the voice of the prophet i have been waitin for this week!! We get to go to the temple on Friday! IT will be super awesome and spiritual!! I love the House of the Lord!! I wish we had the opportunity more to go!! But the Lord really knows my needs!! this week was super hard!!! I dont know what but i lacked motivation or something, i got homesick this week!! IT was terrible!! I wasnt trunky or nothin but i really felt the hole of missin home!! I here this is common at the one year mark. but i didnt like feelin that way! I told my comp about all that i was missin and all!! I always tellin how i loved goin out with my homies and goin wakeboardin alot with the Vanwags and all haha!!! The Vanwags have special place in my soul haha! So my comp went and found a little plank and a little tube thingy and put the board on top of the tube and i stood on top of it and imagined that i was wakeboardin haha!! I said if only there was water so he splashed water on my face! haha!! My comps a funny litttle kid! haha!

This Friday we have planned the coolest night ever!! We have Ward night that we have planned!! The Ward here is really strugglin they are gettin mad at the bishop because he aint givin out Stuff from the bishops store house!! Its that the people have grown to be dependent on the help of the Bishop and now there is nothin left, I area is uper needy, but they need the help to sustain themselves so some members have gotten really mad and so the bishop has told us to help him retain the members!! Its hard to maintain member, Converts, and investigators!! Its a head ache! I think thats why i had a melt down this week!! But we had a good Pday today and feel a lot better!! The lord knows i need this week of spiritual uplifting and nourishing!!! I am stoked!!! We had 2 baptisms this past week! THe Gomez Family!! They are a funny couple! The sister more than anything, shes like a 5 year old kid trapped in a 50 year ladies body haha!! Shes hilarious and super clumsy and ditsy but gotta love here! haha!!

Well i must say that i am super jealous of your Florida trip and all! I need some pics please!! Next wednesday I complete my year mark in the mission!! I believe i get to call home the 13 of October!! thats Mothers day in Argentina but i think i can call home any day that week but i will confirm with ya all!! But hey family tell me what times are better for everyone! I want to talk to everyone but Hens in a different time Zone now so tell me what times are all good for ya all and we will work something out!! I want to see all fo your lovely face!! Love ya all and the Work of the Lord is going onward!! Elder Hammer

Heres the pics from the Baptism and the Primary class!! We taught sunday and i gave my 8th talk in the ward haha!!!

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