Saturday, October 8, 2011

we take no junk from no one 10/3/2011

Well we are all in a repentance state here in the Mission field!! WOW!! Conference was super hardcore!! The Bomb!! We had a spiritual 2 day feast!! Ladies! you all need to check out the talk from Elder Holland he ripped it up and started off priesthood session of with a bang!! We got slapped up and back on the head super hard at conference i loved it!! I have never been so pumped up for conference before but this was like the biggest awesomest thing in the World!! This week was super fun!! we had multi conference as missionaries, we had the temple on Friday and saturday and sunday we had conference!! Loved it!! Well on Wednesday i got a surprisin call in the mornin frmo Pres. He called me to go to the meetin with all of the LZ!! I was like well why am i goin to this meetin, im a DL! I dont go to these meetings anyways i went with my LZ to this meetin and we were jokin the whole time that President was just wantin me to come to dance salsa for him for a little interlude to the meetin haha!! I am a famous Salsa dancer here!! I imitate dancin Salsa here just to make fun of the Latins here but they all love it!! haha! But i went to the meetin a President said that he has changed my assignment and i will now be the LZ of the new Zone!! we form a new Zone and new stake this week so Wednesday i will be the LZ of Zona Libertad!!! its gonna be an interestin 3 weeks!1 Wednesday comes 2 mroe missionaries to our area! I am gonna train the Elders our Area and then in 3 weeks i go to my new area called ROMA! Its like a 2 minute drive haha!! It will be fun!! But its gonna be an interesting assignement!! But i am excited to be the LZ! We will see how it goes and all!! WE are gonna kick some bootie as a new Zone!! We will work hard!! We are workin hard to change the mission here!!! It has passed through some hard times! but i am stoked!! Well time for the lesson of the week!! Well I have been praying and fastin to be re'energized! I am gettin tired but i want to work but theres somethin that doesnt let me feel the spirit like i now i should! so while we were in the temple this week I said a heart felt prayer to my God to help me recieve the revelation i need to help me change and be better and stronger!! Well I got my answer on Saturday!! After Conference i was super pumped after the Priesthood session after being slapped around by Elder holland I was ready to preach with more conviction and power then ever!! Basically Elder holland said dont take any junk from anyone and just man up and teach the gospel!! I was like alright lets do this!!! When we were walkin to the bus i saw 3 hobos stealin a sewer lid in the street!! I felt like i should tell them not to do that but did nothing and kept walkin!! It wasnt that i was scared our anythin! I was just too lazy to do anythin, they were out of my way. then i got on the bus and i was thinkin, Wow, Elder hammer you are a lazy son of a gun. Then some hobo got on the bus and begged for money, i gave him a little and i felt an impression that i should get off the bus with him and then contact him! So when he got off we got off, but we had to go right and he went left!! he was out of our way so what did i do! I did nothing!!! What the heck!! When we got home i was like dude what is my problem!! when will i learn!! God gave me 2 chances to talk and help and stop sin but what did i do, i did nothin because it was out of my way!! I had to have lovely chat with my Heavenly Father that night and get my head on right!! I dont know what happend!! then Sunday night after conference we went to an appointment!! this couple is not married!! they keep goin bakc in forth in their relation ship! sometimes they are together then later not and its a headache workin with them!! but they need this gosple! I usually am a really laid back dude and just like hey, i taught you the commandments, live them or not, its your salvation but leave it up to them but i dont teach like Elder holland. Like Elder Holland told us, we need to talk bold, confident and in your face, cause any other way doesnt seem to work!! So I told my comp, we are goin to Elder Holland them! haha!! And that what we did! I was very in direct, there is no way that they have anythin to assume there is nothin the guess, they know what they have to do and we got in their faces!! It was an awesome lesson!! I usually dont like to get in peoples face and tell them to be better, i like to just be a livin example, but that doesnt work, words also have power!! I never have done anythin like what i did Last night i didnt know how they would react!! In the end the sister ended up crying and then the brother was like Elders I would like to tell you somethin!! this brother is a firey man he was a sniper in the army here and he is very hardcore. But it ended up that he thnaked us for our work and word and diligence with them and the sister said the smae thing through here teary eyes!! I never thought that i owuld be thanked for gettin in someones face like we did but I am learnin and understandin! Like it says in Moroni 7.7 god works through power! Gods gosple deserves that we work in Power! As messengers of Him must be like Him and work with the Power!! In Alma 4.19 it talks I talks about the power to be a missionary. In this part Alma i out preachin the gosple and talks about the importance of bearin a testimony against the people that they might remember there duties to God!! thats what we do we bear a testimony of the Saviour against the sins of the person that they might remember there duties and come unot the Master!! I love the Scriptures and the power of them!! This week we have planned OPERACION COBRA!! We will be whippin the people into shape not being forceful but with assurance and more confidence and not takin no junk from no one!! Lets bring em heaven boys!! haha!! thats the cheer of the week! haha! love and miss ya all! this wednesday I complete one year with the name tage on my chest!!! WOW!! I am on the downward slope!! nuts!! It goes by way too fast!! but I love my God and my Family!! Love ya all! I think next week is when i will be callin home!! but i will tell you all more next week! Love ya, Elder Hammer

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