Monday, October 10, 2011

Zone Leader

I am now on the down hill slope of the mission crazy huh! But time is flyin fast here in Colombia and it is freakin insane what we do here. We now have 5 missionaries livin in our small apartment!! It is super fun! Theres another Gringo named Elder Varney and hes from Georgia hes a cool dude we have fun! But he aint my comp. Its too dangerous to have 2 gringo together in Patio Bonito. I got super sad this week! They told me that I will be leaving Patio Bonito this Wednesday. I was like what the heck man, i thought i would have another 2 weeks here! I love my area but i am also ready for a change, This is a very heavy area and it will be nice to change areas and all!! My new comp is another Argentine he seems pretty cool! We will be ZL together! I am excited i need to get out of this area i feel!! There definitely have been some hardcore expereinces here that definately have marked my life forever!! And this week was no exception!! I am excited to be able to be ZL! We are going to change alot of things in this Zone! the cool thing is that its a brand new zone! In November they are forming another stake here so we form another Zone then!! But we will be the Best zone in the mission! That is for sure! We are raising the bar here! This mission has passed in some hard times with some missionaries that were super trunky and the mission is in a huge building stage! This mission has the record for most missionaries sent home early! Not the best reputation for missionaries But we are doin a lot of changes here and we are gonna be a baptizing zone thats for sure!! I was talkin to President the other day he told me that a normal mission consist of 24 baptisms in the 2 years the average is a baptism a month. I told him, President we will change the normal then of this mission! We aint here to be normal missionaries! Thats what i am focusin on these day, to not be a normal missionary!! we are raisin the bar higher! We are gonna work harder, baptize more and fill the chapels!! Thats what the world needs!! Thats what God needs sp that what we will do!! Obviously it means more work and more teaching more testifying and changin some much things!!

 This week my re-emplacements came here so i have been teachin them the area!! I must say i am super nervous to give them my area! They are good kids and all but very book strict missionaries!! THeir persaonalties are super different than how we work here! but the Lord has called them here and we will trust in the Lord but its a lot of trust in him!! I feel like part of the families that we teach and i love them all so much. I mean 8 months here and all is a lot of time to just leave them but the Lord has called me to another ward to edify and fortify!! we leave 10 baptisms for my friends here! The good news is thati am gonna come back for their baptisms and i am the ZL of PAtio Bonito. So i will do on division here and see my peeps and all!!

 I am startin to understand the power of prayer finally! I am progressin slowly but surely! At times we try to pray to change the will of God which is not the purpose of the prayer This is my definition of a prayer. The plead or cry to understand the will of God, not to change it!! It with our desire and hope to follow God that we recieve the answer. God answers prayers but we must be listening. At times i feel like God stills His hand until we come to the understanding to recieve the revelation because if we recieve revelation without fullfillin the revelation or doing our part, God knows this, then we would condem ourselves! Its ahrd to explain but i feel like i am understanding it in my head!!

Well this week we will be callin home!! I will be callin home Saturday night! With this new transfer we kind of changed plan, it will be Saturday at like 7-8 Colombian time, i dont know aht time it will be with ya all. But i would love to talk to ya all of the family!! }so do what you can do do be on skype at this time please!! I want to see you all and see how big EVY is!! haha!!
 love ya all
 Elder Hammer

Here are some pictures of some people here in patio bonio and my best friend Elder PAsado hes a funny dude!!

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