Monday, October 24, 2011

Area Roma

Well we are gettin down to business here!! This area is super hard!! The people have a bit more money and do not listen to us like they did in Patio and there is almost no action here!! In Patio we always had to stop people from killin each other or something. Here the people are actually civilized!! Its a bit weird. I really miss patio bonito!! Even though it is the ugliest place in the world but its got a soft spot in my heart!! I love being Zone leader. There actual is a big difference in being District leader and Zone leader!! But I really dont like to get mad at the Elders but we got some Elders that we dont know what they are doing or do just weird things. I got a bit on some of the Elders case in Patio Bonito my replacements. There are 2 elders from Peru that are there and they are very sweet young men but Patio is a bit rough for them and they get scared real easy. But at night I call them to check up on the investigators that I left them and they dont visit them. I get on their case a bit. They should have at least 5 baptisms but i dont know what they are doing. I get calls from my peeps from Patio and they call me in my new area I tell them that they have new missionaries in their area. Trust them. They can help them and all but its a different type of work we do in Patio Bonito. You cant find the answers in Preach My Gospel for what we do in Patio. It comes from being on your knees and then do the work on your feet! Its a different type of missionary work for sure there and i love it!!

 My comp right now is super fun!!! We get along great!!! My trainer was Argentine and didnt have an excellent time with him but my comp is super cool! We always joke about the argentinen pride and I teach him songs that he sings with me when we are in the street and all its fun!!! We are workin hard to meet new people and get some investigators to teach! the Elders before us left us almost nobody but we will change that! We are makin alot of changes here in this zone!! I believe in 2 weeks we should have a baptism here! The lady is super hardcore. Shes super fun! She has a baptismal date for the 7th of November!!! We will see how she does! In the mission the scriptures seem to come more a live!! I study them with more intensity but i am lovin them!! Everyone keep up the good work love ya all a tons!!

 Elder Hammer

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