Friday, September 30, 2011

we are not takin anymore of this nonsense 9/19/2011

I found my self in my deepest part of despair in my highest point of Pride!! I am learnin and am being strengthened in the Trials of my life, the hoest truth is that i have no trials, only times of improvement!! My trials are the best here because i am finally learnin what is Love! I am finally getting to the point where i can say that i have forgotten myself!! We have boat load o two of poor homeless people we are teachin we have helped 2 of them find jobs, a small shack to live in and one will be gettin married in hopefully a week!! I cant sleep knowin that my homies are in the streets so we get them into shacks atleast!! haha!! My comp and i fast atleast once a week and give our fast offerings to the poor and we dont eat breakfast anymore so we can give our money to help get people back on their feet!! We teach alot in the breadshops here because most of them dont have food to eat!! But we are doing the Lord work!! We are giving to those in need!! But we have had enough of the wickedness in our area!! The Lord push us to the bottom of our patience until we understand we need to fight in this world!! Love is not a fight but its something worth fightin for!! Thats what i am startin to learn these days!! We dont take no junk from nobody if you know what im saying!! haha!! With the things that we have experienced we have developed a huge hatred for sin and so little tolerance for it!! I have some baller stories to tell you all when i get back if you know what im saying haha!!! I never heard of the things that i would be doing here in Patio Bonito. This mission here is worthy of makin a movie, so i think that after the mission i will be writing a book and makin some hardcore mission movie about this hardcore experience! But this week my comp and i have gotten sick of seein so much cruelty in our lives and in the lives of those here we have come to a state of puttin our testimony on our feet now and walkin and changin these lives here! WE are puttin a dent in saints wall and bring people into the Fold of God!! My comp is hardcore!! We have been findin some new people to teach which is good and bad!! The good is that qwe have a boat load of peope to teach. The bad is that we have too many, i dont know how we are going to find time to teach them all!! but its all good! We have 2 baptisms this weekend and hopefully 4 more next week!! I had some deaestating news yesterday!! Last conference president told me that he had some special assignment for me to do and that he would inform later what it would be!! I still dont know what it will be!!! But Yesterday the bishops wife said that President Casablance called her and all that, i thought that it would something to do with my comp gettin his visa but she said president called about me!! She says that it looks like at the end of this transfer i will be leavin patio!!! I almost cried! I think if i wasnt infornt of her i would have cried!! Patio is my home!! these are my homies here! She wouldnt tell me anymore, i still dont know what it tis president has instore for me but i dont like it haha!! I want to stay here! we have a bomb area!! this area has changed so much!! Last year they had 7 baptisms between the branch and the ward. this year already we have had 24 baptisms this year!! I have 20 of those bad boys!! A huge growth huge change!! When i got here we had 3 investigators now we have over 87 investigators! we ahve been workin our little bubble bottoms off here! But i will go where the Lord wants me to go!! My goal is to have 30 baptisms by my one year mare!! i have 24 right now, we have 14 with baptismal dates that are progressin but we are waitin on marriage papers but i think we can have 6 more 1 of october which is the last weekend of these transfers! We will see how we do it!! I feel like God had been giving me so much more power! We were pretty low here in spirit here for a while with all of the things going on here in patio but the Lord has used thsese tribulations to make us so much stronger! This week i was studyin in Alma the story of Captain Moroni! and the title of Liberty! My comp and i are startin to share these powerful words and stories to our investigators to give them a boost!! It is so easy in our times of trials to whine and pout and get all sluggish but we do not grow from this at all!! There is no gain in this pain!! But as missionaries we turn hurt to hope!! When the people are down we need to get picked up!!! The only times when we need to be down is when we are on our knees!! This story of Captain Moroni is so beast!!!!! MY comp and I are preparing an awesome ward night with the investigators and recent converts where my comp is going to be a news reporter and i am goin to be Captain Moroni we started to make outfits and the flag and everything!! i am stoked in two weeks we are gonna have the show!! I am learnin the power of my savior Jesus Christ and his priesthood! I have experimented His power and been an instrument in His hand here in Patio Bonito!! But we will see what the Lord had in store for us soon! Love Elder Hammer

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