Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Heaven we will bring them home

Lately Elder Oquendo and I have been bustin our little booties off here in Patio Bonito!! We have worked our booties soo hard that we do not have a bootie anymore!! I like to tell Elder Oquendo that and he just looks at me like a weirdo but thats all good!! When we leave the house in the mornin we now shout, HEAVEN, GET READY CUZ WERE BRINGIN EM HOME!! Haha its our little motivational quote in the mornin!! We have learned a bunch in this past month together!! I hope Elder Oquendo stays here a bit longer cuz I want to stay here for another transfer to see all of my homies get into the water!! Our plan of marrying everyone isnt workin out as we planned to but it is workin!! We have various marriage dates athroughout the next month and a half. Hopefully if all goes well everyone will be married by the end of October but we will have one marriage in about 1 1/2 weeks! We are lookin forward to this!! PEDRO is gettin married!! He is the homeless knifed victim!! haha!! We have seen so many miracles with this man!! He has a huge testimony of the Gosple and has had a huge change in his life! hes been a whole lot of work but wow thats how we see the miracle with work and faith!! Thats what we do here!! He now has a job, he is livin again withhis wife they are movin here today we helped him find a cheap apartment here that he and his wife and 2 kids can live hes gettin married we got this guy back on his feet!! We have seen so many miracles here!!! We have learned many valuable lessons here through the hardests times of our lives here!! We now at times even pray for some more trials just to see more miracles!! And for sure the Lord is not hesitant to send us another life to fix!! We look for the broken hearted and low in spirit!! We look for people that have lost hope, that have nowhere to go! And then WAAM!! we give them the gospel!! We have seen time after time!! The change in the lives fo the poeple here!! It is far from easy, but it sure is worth it!! I testify of the Power of my God is real, and he has trusted me, Elder Hammer, and all of his worthy priesthood holders with this divine gift from on high, to heal the sick, to give hope to the hopeless, to give meaning to those without feeling, to feed the hungry that we might lead them all back home!! I have felt the sorrow of being away from home, in an unsure enviroment, in a world unrecognizable to me in Colombia, but I have found my home in the heavens! Preach the power of repentance, to necessity of faith and humble feelings of prayer!! We bring the people back into the arms of God, that all might feel His embrace!! We purposely look for those crying in the streets, we listend for the sobbing of tears of pain and see them change to tears of joy!! I never thought i would ever be doin what we are doing here in Patio Bonito!!! We are bring the people what the need a new life! Preachin repentance!! We are doing the Lords work!!! We have seen this wonderful power of God!! We pray to find those in these dire needs and that we can find them so that we can prove to the world of this power of God that is on the Earth!!! And the Lords Work goes forth!! It is an extremely hardcore thing being a missionary here in Patio Bonito. Like my good ol coach alcorn always said, Pain is weakness leaving the body, I feel a billion times stronger now than i have ever felt!! Here we go puttin people in the water! We plan on having 5 baptisms this month! And maybe 10 dependin if the parents get married! the whole family will get baptized together!!we will see how that goes! We have seen this great change in all of our investigators! Wow!! 180 degrees! Its beast!!! Well today my comp and I are goin to the Chapel to clean it! It is the ugliest thing ever!! It need a good cleanin so we are using our pday to organize the chapel and all!! Today we are fixing all fixing all of the broken things! I now almost have 1year in the field! My pants are all like rags haha!! Almost all of my pockets have been torn open!! Lets just put it this ways, alot of people want to see what i carry in pockets and they are always in a rush haha!! So i repaired all of pants and all!! My suit coat i am still workin on gettin the blood off of it from the wonderful night of the bleedin pedro! haha!! but I like seein the use of all of these things!! It shows that we are doing some hardcore things here!! haha!! We have been workin with this family super hard!! They are so cool!! The mom is super hilarious and she really wants to get baptized but her husband has been a poop about gettin married!! Then this week we found the reason why he was been a stinker!!! he had another wife!! This guy was gettin a bit anxious to practice polygamy haha!! but anyways instead of gettin married that got seperated!! The sister of course was a bit stricken and it hit her hard but we have seen a huge change in here this week as she has been closer to God and apply what we have been teachin her more in her life!! Of course its a hard thing but here we go again! workin hard to bring another one home!! We are exhausted but lovin it!! I am training Elder Oquendo right now! He is a funny little kid, is a convert of less than 2 years and he is a rap break dancer dude! He has some interesting stories that he tells me but he's tight!! We have gone through some hardcore things together!! But its crazy to see the difference of just a year! He funny when he teaches he tells me he still gets a bit nervious to teach and so he teachs the lessons super fast haha! He could teach the restoration in under a minute i think haha!! but we are doin it!! We are meetin some killer investigators that are really lookin for God and we show where he is and how He is!!! Love ya all a ton, keep up the good work! Stay strong in the Gosple, cuz Heaven, were brinin em home!!! Love Elder Hammer

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