Wednesday, August 17, 2011

we didn't know! 8/8/2011

I testify that my Savior Jesus Chirst and that he live, he calls the pridefull to humility the poor to richness and the broken hearts to be healed in His name! The power of God is so strong, He works in the most humbless ways to bring His fellow man to come unto Him!! These past 2 weeks with my comp have been the best 2 weeks of the best 2 years!!! The truth is, the mission and the kind of fun that i thought it would be! I am dead tired i cant sleep i dont eat there is no time, the things of this world are not necessities, there are starving people, peopel without a roof without clothes and with nothing but the hope of a better world and We are the ones that bring the light of Christ into their lives. My comp and i have been declaring repentance to the people here in Patio Bonito. Wow and what a difference! I am understanding the power and understanding what is a broken heart and a contrite spirit!! We have stepped it up a knotch in the book here in Patio Bonito (Thats knotch one -Starsky and Hutch) haha! We are workin super hardcore here!! We have 15 peopel with baptismal dates, that not including the 7 couples that we hope to get married by the end of September!! We have almost 20 investigators in the chapel every Sunday!! Workin hard!1 We had a baptism and marriage finally here this weekend!! Jefferson Moreno know is wearing a ring on his finger and the spirit is on his shoulders!! YES!! Ive been out for 10 months now with 20 baptisms and we will have 2 more this weekend and hopefully 2 more the next week and we are shooting for another 11 by the end of spetember and it depends if we can get everyone married by the end of september we will have another 14 baptisms!!! Workin hardcore!! WE have planned for the 17 of September a night of rings as i like to call it! We are gettin everythin arrranged to have a huge wedding ceremony for 7 couples to get married this day!! people here are super poor and they have a boat load of legal problems that wont let them get married because of messed up documentation and all but we got a Lawyer of the mission helping us getting people divorced so they can get married, seperation of goods from old marriages changing birthdates and all of documents to help everyone get married and a lawyer is goin to come to the church this day and they are all goin to get married and with all the people gettin married we get a huge discount and we have some help from some of the resources here from the Church!!! But tis a headache with all of this paper work doing alot of errands looking for papers and all!! But we are doing it!! I dont sleep very well because there is so much on my mind. This week we put 7 more baptismal dates with a family!! they are beast we have been teachin them for about 2 months now and always preesnt us to there neighbors so we teach 2 families in one lesson and both families accepted the baptismal dates!!! but of course that means 2 more marriages but we will get them to the chapel in time haha!!
Yesterday was a day of awesomeness!! Wow!!! We have this investigators Pedro, We put a baptismal date with him the 1st lesson about 1 1/2 weeks ago, and hes is beast, the 2nd lesson he came to me and told me, Elder Hammer I have good news to tell you! Iwas like tell me me homie. He said i am going to get married! I was like YAH!! Hip hip hurray!! I asked him what made him make this decision we only had one lesson with you about the Book of Mormon he told me he read the Chapter we told him which was 3 Nephi 11 and he said i felt like it would be the right thing to do. I am ready to put my life in order!! I almost cried for joy and then we had another appointment with him yesterday and i did cry for joy!! we had no idea but he is actually homeless right now!!!! He lives in the streets with friends or with family!! He is gettin back together with his Grislfriend and said it would be best if they were married he needs compromisos in is life and reason to change and when he read and prayed he recieved his Answer about this book and he felt the need to change, this is the power of the Book of Mormon! it changes lives!! WE are here to change lives and that what i am tryiong to do with all of my heart!! My comp is a beast!! He helps out alot!! I love this little guy! Hes teachin me how to break dance haha! and he has a testimony and works good with me!! WE are changin the lives of the poeple here in PAtio Bonito, I ask him everynight what can we do better and what are the needs of the investigators and we get talking and we cant sleep cuyz theres som many of them haha! and then he tells me the everytime we go to an appointment he gets more excited to be a missionary! we love what we do and we do our best doing it. But shoot i dont sleep!! Im always thinkin of the freakin stress in the mission field, We had families that live in poor conditions that make get there house taken aways from them, people gettin robbed, families that physically beat each other, people get killed here like every week. Its ridiculous!! Some how we always find us when there spouse just got killed the week our two ago. but we try to comfort the in these times!! THere are miracles goin down here in Patio Bonito! I am glad that i will be here for more time!! I have almost 6 months here and i will be her more time! My comp is here for a little bit nad then is going to Argentina for his mission his waitin for his Visa. But i am enjoyin the time i got with him!! Hes a cool kid!! Hes a good worker!!!
I know that my Savior lives i have seen the weary become strong, the broken hearts been healed, Evil spirits cast out, Addictions broken, Hate turn to love!! Is this not the evidence of the hands of God in our lives!! God works in all places with anyone that is willin to let Him enter!! I am not who i was, i dont want to be who i am but anxious to be who the Lord needs me to be!! I am learnin! Learnin what it love, how to love, and most importantly learnin to listen, Listen to people, investigators, but most importantly to the spirit i am learnin to recognize the super soft impressions of the spirit!! The come super soft in spanish but they are comin haha!! I think i have a barrier between languages and the spirit!! haha!
All is well, doing the Lord work, dont need anythin, the Lord Provides!! But that doesnt mean that Birthday Presents will be rejected haha!! JK! Just hook me up with my other par of shoes at home and some candy and a foot massager and back massager haha!!
Love ya all!! We are doing for the Children!! You are the Champions!
Heres the pics of the baptism this weekend and the wedding and all.I love the pic of us at the wedding haha! My chest look super awkward! haha! I dont know how to take pics. haha! I am so big and all that i always pose awkward haha! 
Love ya all!
Elder Hammer

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