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It's a boy! 7/25/2011

Yes its true! IM PREGNANT! WOO!! Last night I got the call from the Doctor (LZ) and told me that i am expecting a boy and he is due this Thursday! I have to be in the hospital (Mission office) at 9 in the morning to deliver (pick up) my baby (new missionary!! Im gonna be a DAD! (trainer)!! haha Check out my Baby photos!! haha!! I am super stoked to train!! I got Elder Oagden! At first I thought he said oakden i was like sweet!! But hes from Colombia which will be freakin sweet!! I am super stoked to work with a fresh one for once!! I am getting super stressed working with a dead man! My comp is totally off! I have had to sit him down a whole bunch of times and tell him to shape up!! HEs does nothing of value only damage to the Lords work!! He plays in the lessons and is a freaking little girl, when i tell him that there is something that we need to work on or something to fix he gets made at me and tells me i cant change who i am, then i have preach repentance and change to my comp!! Comp are supposed to help and support each other!! he does nothing!! For the past 5 months with both my comp i have been feelin super overloaded! Because they do nothing or make it hard to teach!! Yesterday my comp over exaggerated a point in the Bible and told the guy it wasnt correct and it was a disaster!! WE believe in the bible to be the word of god as far as it is translated correctly but not that we dont believe in the Bible so our friend was like then how do you know what parts are true and whats parts arent i wouldnt take advice from a book of lies i only what help from the God of Truth. Then he got frusturated because the investigator wasnt understanding him!! so it took me like a half hour to clear up the whole mess. But it will be so awesome to train!!! Some one with new energy and advice and to help me!! I hope that i will be able to go to bed at 10 30 for once!! Because of being DL (which i love) I check up on my district take dats and all that good stuff and i dont finish til about 10 with that and then to plan, my comp doesnt nothin to plan. he says why do we plan if when we get there they have anotherr question about somethin we didnt plan for!!! Ahh!! so i basically just tell him the schedule for the next day, and he refuse to fill out the area book!! AHHH!! But a fresh one will be nice to train!! YES I am so grateful to my Father in Heaven!!!

I am learining so much here about the Power of God!! He is all knowing!! I want to be so obedient here I want to teach and share this message, i am a terrible teacher but i can help the people understand!! I am tring to strengthen my strengths and trying to make my weakness become my strengths but oh boy thats hard!!! I read DyC alot!!! Doctine and covenants 1 verses 20- 30 alot it talks about why we have weaknesses!! ITs to understand the power of God!! That there is hope in a better world like it says in Ether 12 4, I am in love with the scriptures, but i have a hard time putting emotions into thoughts into words into spanish but were going! I love it when we are in a lesson and someone hasa question and im like i have scripture for that!! Its so beasty!! I love it! Ive always loved the scriptures but i feel like i ma just starting to unlock the powers of them!! The Book of Mormon was a sealed book but oh boy now its startin to open!!
We deal alot with peoples problems!!! holy dogs!! THey have a boat load of problems here! And its not just little gossip problems they are some heavy stuff and they look to Christ and they go to us!! We are teachin a boat load of people but we deal with alot of people that arent married and are living together but dont love each other! AHHH!! We have so many of these circumstances!! My testimony of the commandments has strengthen a ton!!! if they would just keep the law of chastity how there world would be different!! The people are super poor and dont do nothin here so they all come to me and ask me what they can do to play and make up games. Its pretty funny i make up dumb games that they love!!! Yes I have played quite as a mouse haha!! Its hilarious to play with them It Callado como un raton in spanish haha!! I play it with my homies and we run around there house i aint as dramatic as it was with my seniors haha!!! But shoot why poeple just dont keep the commandments. But the family is definately under attack here!! Love is so misunderstood. Love is not in breaking the commanments, but they do not understand that here. THen the society makes them feel worthlesss wihen someone does obey the laws here, laws are more of a suggestion then a law, if someone is getting beat here to police do not interefer until the person is dead, its not a crime here i think of attempted murder only muder but thats just based off of knowledge of experience. It's ridiculous!!

But learining a ton and lovin it!! WE definately have struggles aas servants of the Lord but i love my District and me converts here!!! I almost cry ever Sunday in Church, I have 4 converts here that have the priesthood here that pass and bless the sacrament. I love seeing this change in them, Yesterday my homie Miguel passed me the sacrament and he always gives me the little wink when he passes me it!! I love it its so bomb!!
This week i was a bit down for like 3 days. Sometimes i feel like i put some much in with little results, people that arent progressing but the lord answered my prayers to make me feel like i had a purpose here. Thursdays Me Homie Marta talked to me and bore me here testimony. We are teaching family that has been investigating the church for 10 years almost and we are working xuper hard, they are poor and cant afford much. THe husband has to get divorced and she needs to get a new birth certificate make up because her documents all have different birthdates. Its a difficult task, they go to church and all but cant get bpatized until they get married but have a boad load of legal papers they have to get cleared up before they can get married, so the missionaries kind of gave up on them saying that they were loosing time with them, this is the famil i gave them the eternal pig, A little piggy bank, they are leaning the power of Diezmo, they pay 10 percent to the pig until they get baptized and this money they are going to used it to deal with all of there legal things to get married!! The hermana came and told me, elder hammer you know what, this pig you gave us gives me more desires to read the scripture to follow the commandments and we are know paying 20 percent to the pig!! I felt so good afterwords!! YEs
Well heres also some pics of Guadalupe that we hike last week! It was fun walking with Elder ruth. This is a chapel dedicated to the Virgen Guadalupe it cool theres a huge statue of this virgen that over looks Bogota its coo, youwalk through the jungle a bit Saw some cool bugs.

Elder Hammer
We Do it for the Children my champions!!

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