Wednesday, August 17, 2011

heaven over powers hell any day

This has been the week of heaven and hell! The powers are real of both!! Who you submit yourself you will see the power!! We had a week of many trials, but the Lord has sustained me! Elder Hammer to be an instrument in His hands and in His work!! I was never prepared for what would happen this week but the Lord has protected me in the darkest of times, healed the broken hearts, gives the strength to the week!! I will be writing some definately intense things in this letter, do not worry about me, i am fine. I have been givin it my all here in Colombia!!! The truth is, this country has a tender spot in my heart, I love it and i hate it!! But i love my Savior Jesus Christ and I am a witness to his Power and an instrument ot work in His sacred name!! Heres the stories of the week!! Monday, normal day!! we got some marriage papers to get started with the marriage of a couplee that will get baptized at the end of the week!!

Tuesday!! An investigator called us and needed an emergency meetin! We went and visited him. He needs to get married to get baptized but his wife doesnt want to!! He used to beat his wife when we first met him about 3 months ago but now he doesnt! This guy has had a huge changed from metal rock to church hymns Long hair to clean cut!! Anyways his wife now beats him! We told him about if someone hits you turn the other cheek and all that good stuff! He told me hey Elder Hammer I did what you said and my wife just hit me in the eye! I may not look good but i feel super good i was doing what the lord said and i didnt fight back! Anyways i didnt write that story good but it was crazy for sure!!
Wednesday We met some new investigators that are super hardcore awesome!! They will be baptized we hope in October but they still dont have a baptism date!
Thursday and Friday heavy problems with marriages and all! I can not put to words about the power of Jesus Christ can do!!

Saturday I was freakin dead tired!! We were super wiped we work super hard many times we dont have time for Comp and Personal study because we have appointments at 8 in the mornin with our busy schedule we do not rest!! Our investigators have huge testimonies of what we teach!! When we do our part as missionaries the Lord blesses us and the investigators and the investigators give us references to work with! Theres a family that we now have 4 other families in one small one room house we have over 15 people in a room as big as our down stairs office!! But we have blast!! Almost all of them have baptismal dates in September!! We also had 2 baptisms this day!!! it was bomb!!!

Anyways we were super tired Saturday night we had a baptism that night that we just got back from, we woke up early to go to an appointment we had to wake up a bit more earlier too to get ready and all! So we had an appointment in a bread shop with an investigator at 830 Saturday he didnt show up we waited about 1/2 hour for him to come, I saw him walkin all looppy and all I thought that he was drunk and i was like oh no Pedro you have a baptismal date in September ay no!! Then he screams Elder Hammer Help me! He was stabbed!! He got mugged and robbed!! I was like holy shoot bro!! Lets go to the hospital!! So we got him in a taxi and off we went to the nearest Hospital in our area and all! While we were in the Taxi I started doin my Boy Scout skills! I am glad and greatful for what ilearned in Boyscouts and I started to help him with some of his cuts and all! I did all that i could do! But i could do nothin for a wound in the lung!! He had a good one there!! WE arrived to the Hospital! and all he went in and all that stuff and started to stich him up!! He had over 14 stabs that they had to stitch up and all and he had more that werent serious enough to stitch! anyways! THey took the x rayand it said that he had a punctured lung! He barfed in the Taxi because there was the air flow gettin into his lungs!! So Elder Oquendo and I gave him a Priesthood blessing!! We blessed him and then when they went to do the xray again to start the surgery!! His lungs werent punctured any more!!!! That is what the power of the Priesthood does!! I am a witness and an instrument in the hands of my Lord Jesus Christ!!! We were wiped! This week was a week of hundreds of Thousands of miracles and trials!! But my comp and i have been working strong Trusting in God that if we carry on he will bless us! So thats what we have been doing!! Pedro is now well, we were with him all night long. We did not leave the hospital until 6 in the morning until his family could get there and be with him!! The Testimony of Pedro has grown too!! While he was lying there he told me!! Elder Hammer I now have even more desires to get baptized!! This is the work of God!! Oh Boy is he right!! The Lord uses us according to our willingness to serve Him! If we are willing and we do what he commands us he blessed us!! I am a witness to the Healing Power of God!! I do not write this thing to scare you about the world but to testify to you of my Iiving Savior Jesus Christ!! To tell the World and proclaim and carry His holy Priesthood!! I have seen and done some pretty crazy things in these past 10 1/2 months!! I have experienced the power of God!! Do not fear for me!! That is not the intention of tellin you these things! We are only supposed to write home about uplifting experiences in the mission! I dont write to make you think that i am in danger, for fear i have not in the things of my God!! He protects us and gives us strength in our weaknesses!!

We didnt sleep a wink Saturday night!! We got home at 630 in the mornin Sunday!! Just in time to shower and get ready for church!! While on the way the Bishop called me to talk in Church i was like ight, if thats what the Lord wants thats whati will do!! After church we had a boat load of appointments!! And we didnt get back til 8 at night!! And as DL I took dates all the weekly reports and all and my comp and I went a full 40 hours without sleep!! The Lord Blessed us in our weakness!! I never had so much energy!! Yes our bodies were tested!! But our desires to work were greater then our desires to sleep! And the lord blessed us in His work!!

Again i testify to you as a witness of His power, I have seen the sick be healed, the afflicted comforted and the down uplifted!! That is what my God does!! THat is who He is!! I wish i could tell you more about all of the things that have happend in these past 10 months, but words dont explain it!! I definately cant write it!! But hey when i call home in October i will tell you all about it! haha!! Iove you all!!
Elder Hammer

P.S I will send pics of the Baptism next week!

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