Monday, August 29, 2011

Theyre throwin Eggs at us!!! Hit the Dirt!!

Well I think that Patio Bonito just got a bit more poorer or something cuz now they don't shoot at us with bullets but with eggs haha!! JK I have yet to be shot at, but wouldnt surprise me if that happens soon haha!! JK! All is good here in the Big PB. I aint sure if they did the same thing Pop when you were in this country but for birthdays they chuck eggs at you for some reason. I still have no idea why they do this. So I have been dodgin eggs all day. We have an investigator who is super poor. He is basically homeless. I think a cardboard shack would be better off then where he is livin now. Anyways he saved up some money just to chuck some eggs at me.Ii was like homie, why did you waste your money to just throw an eggs at me, why dont you eat the darn thing, but its more important to party here than to eat. haha!! So i finally let one of my investigators Ceasar hit me in the head with an egg and one of the recent converts hit me too with an eggs, but I knew this would happen today so I carried some eggs with me too so if anyone attacked me I would at least give them a little bit too. So of course I nailed them in the head!! haha!! Heres a pic of the eggin attacks!! But im only half way through the day and there are more eggin to come!! haha! but im enjoyin it alot!!

This morning we went and flew the kites again!! Its super bomb here to fly kites!! Shoot they go super high!! 1 mile long strand of string, and yeah, I got they bad boy up in the air! haha!! It awesome, its like just a little dot in the sky. I learned how to make a kite and how to do some tricks with kites, who knew you sould do tricks with a kite!! haha! Well I do now! Elder Oquendo is like a profesional kite flier! So we invited some RC and Investigators and all to fly with us to day!

I baptized a pregnant women this weekend!! haha!! Yeah I had to dunk her 2 times!! Her baby didnt want to get baptized or something haha!! but yeah I got her in the water!! Its super bomb to have baptisms!! I love this area we work our tiny tails off here!! I have 20 converts here in this ward!! It is super cool to see them all at church on Sunday and have on of them pass you the sacrament and all! It is super cool!! To see the fruits of you labors! And then to see another 15 investigators sitting there with you there!! Its super bomb! But shoot its a huge work to do to be a missionary!! The Lord really workd through his servants that are willing! I have seen and experienced some freakin weird ridiculous things here! But the weirder and harder it gets the Lord blesses us more!! I have come to the conclusion that I love the hardships of the mission. I don't like the stress and the sadness and the lack of sleep and the freakin frijoles! oh my worldliness, the beans here are really damagin me. The other day my comp and i were in the bathroom more than we were teachin I think. We are always in there. They give you bean soup. It is alright to eat. It aint disguistin or anything but you pay the powerful price afterwards!! But anyways the mission is super hard with all of the things we do and go through and all but the more problems that are in our lives the more i have seen the miracles and the Hands of My Savior in my Life!!

And let me tell you all that I have seen some ridiculous miracles here in Patio Bonito!! This is the most hardcore thing that i have ever done in my life!! God has blessed me with a wonderful opportunity here, and many gifts here in the mission and I have found how to create me!! Theres a qoute by Elder Ballard that says somethin to the effect that "Its not that we have to find ourselves but we have to learn how to create ourselves" "Love is not found it is created" I love both of these quotes from him! And shoot i have seen the power of Love!! Here in Patio we see alot of abuse alot of disrespect alot of corruption and lot of wickedness. I get so stressed becauseIi want to help this country so bad. It is such in chaos and destroyed. There are good people but wooh holy goats milk they get mistreated!! Instead of saying holy cow, I now say holy goats milk, now that i have milked a goat haha!! But in the midst of all of these hardcore times I have seen the power of when the people come to Christ. I am startin to understand what that means. We all say so many things that we really dont know what it means, but i am understandin a little bit more about this power of God in my Life!! We have been healin the sick, castin out those demons, healin the dyin, preach repentance and healin the broken hearted. It's a huge task but it is ridiculously rewardin!! This week we had to go to an interview with the President. At times investigators need to get interviewed by the President before they get baptized, so we had an appointment to go to the offices Wednesday and we went by to pick up the investigator and she was in bed sick. She passed out the night before and had blood problems and a lot of other things goin on, so we were like, if she gonna get baptized Saturday she needs to have her interview now!! So we gave her a blessin and with in 5 min she was up gettin ready for the interview. With this trials in the lives of the people here we have learned to take advantage of these trials to be witnesses of Christ and His power, and the investigators too, becomes a witness too of the power of God and this mighty change. I have seen satan worshipers turn into christians, the homeless become a part of society, the broken hearted healed.

Before athe mission I heard of all of the stories of peoples stories, but I never really heard of the stress and overload of work, but thats when we see the miracles.  I feel like I am startin to understand what it means to forget yourself and go to work!!

All is well here in Patio Bonito, I love the Work and I love my Savior Jesus Christ,
"I found myself in my highest point of pride in my deepest depths of despair" -Elder Burnham
Love ya all
Elder Hammer

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