Wednesday, August 17, 2011

6 lbs 6 oz and a worker! 8/1/2011

Yes!! My father in Heaven has answered my prayers and has given me a companion that actually works and gets down to some do some business!! YES!!! I must say that it was a good challenge birthin him but he finally came out and is a lovely brown baby! Elder Oquendo from Cartahana, hes colombian! He works super good with me!! We have been having killer lessons these past 3 days!! On Saturday missionaries from the MTC came! It was super stressful!! Out area first of all is very heavy!! The things we deal with is very heavy, rape, drug addiction, spouse abuse, neglegance of family, poverty, the depresses the gothic the witch craft, A Witch a witch!! Burn her! (said in the monty python accent!!) But we had to do division this whole day and my comp only had 1 day in the area, so i went and showed him where the houses were and him and the MTC elders taught the lessons and he didnt even complain or nothing he just did it!! He works!! Hes a break dancer so he is gonna teach me how to do a back flip, im almost there!! I land on my kneesSo we had some good experiences this week!! WE casted out devils from a house!!! It was a super spiritual experience!! We went to this appointment with a family, it was the first appointment with them, they said that they had deamons living in their house, we were like well we can get rid of them, so we blessed the house, there was a huge notable difference once we casted the devils out in the prayer, we all noticed the difference. So we put a baptismal date with the family for the begginning of September. they have 4 kids and 2 parents, the parents have to stop their drug addiction first and they can get baptized but they will overcome their addictions i have seen this happen many times in the mission, drug addicts and when they come unto Christ they change their habits!!!! Its a miracle!!

So we had a killer week this week! We could be baptizin like crazy if people would just get married!! But no they dont want to get married!! AHH!! I get so frusturated! One person wants to they other no, then when they come to the same conclusion to get married they find out they have some legal issues that wont let them get married and ahh!!!! That socts a boat load of money which no body has here!! But this Saturday we have a marriage!!!!!I am super stoked!!Jefferson Moreno will be getting married on Saturday!! WOOO!! then on Sunday at 7 in the Mornin we will be in the stake center and be puttin him in the water!! Wooo! My first marriage of the mission!! We hope to have a few more very soon!! But we have great church attendance this week of a whopping 18 Investigators in the chapel!!!!! YES!! But there were a lot of them that werent there!! we have lot of investigators coming to church but not gettin married!! We put 5 baptismal dates this week with 10 investigators progressin 14 with baptismal dates! It is bomb! I love it when my converts pass me the sacrament i converts here that are in the presidencies of their quoroms and all! Every week Miguel passes me the sacrament and winks at me when he passes it to me!! ITs hardcore!! Then yesterday one of the Moms of some of our converts came to church for once!! We have baptized the 7 kids!! ITs beast! The mom came yesterday finally!!! I love it whne our investigators present their friends to us. it means that we are workling effectively here!! There bring friends to church too!!! I love it when that happens!! Sometimes i feel like a super star here haha!! I know everyone it seems like!! My last 2 comps didnt like it that i was always talkin to people but it pays off, we are now teachin some dudes in a hotdog truck our security gaurds in our complex and everyone in everyplace!! haha!! I have found out a way to test if i contact people good. I got to some people selling some food on the street and tlak to them, usually if i do a good job they give me food haha!! Maybe i take advantage of my missionary powers to get gain, but at times we get hungry in the field haha!! But i am gald to have my new comp he works and is cool!! I played more with Elder Lopez but i have felt the guiding power of the Spirit here in these past 2 days than i have with my other comps!!! We will put some down together but i am sad that this will be a short companionship, he leaves at the end of this month for Argentina, hes here until his Visa comes to leave the country! but i will take the help i can get here! We will have less lessons in the week for a while because we cant do divisions until he learns the area but we will put some feelings into the hearts of the people!! I love the work and we are doing it for sure!! we will hopefully have 8 baptisms this month!! But way to get me all homesick with all going on with the fam! Hen good luck in Virginia, after the mision i will be joinin you soon i think in Virginia, My Gringo homies here and i have decided we are gonna make a town in Virginia with all of our Gringo missionaires here in Colombia!1 We are all super cool friends! Last night we had a sleep over in my apartment!! some elders in my Zone came over and we all partied for a while last night with the good times rollin by!! Talkin about the states and all the weird thing the Colombians do! haha Today we a re going to watch entangled for pday and try to play some bball, but Latinos dont shoot hoops! haha!! Heres some pics of the baptism we had about 2 or 3 weeks ago i never sent the pics!! Miguel, Ruben, y Juan!! We call Juan Joseph smith!! haha! He looks like a kid Joesph haha!! They are all cool kids! Miguel is the kid under the arm of Elder Lopez, hes super cool and Ruben is another story!! Look at his baptismal suit! I brought the wrong baptismal outfit that was obviously too small but ruben wanted to wear it still haha!! So i let him use my socks so it wouldnt look too bad as high waters haha!The mission comes to life when you go through a state of repentance and an understanding of what you do as missionaries!! I have learned you must release the frusturations to receive the revelation!! ITs crazy how we can connect to the spirit and know the will of the Father!! I dont pray for the Lord to Change His will but to put my Will in line with His!!!

Love ya all! Keep it real in Cali and in Virginia!!

I got letters today from Sis. V from Januarary and Tyler Howell also from Januarary and also my beloved Parker Family from Januarary haha!! I guess it takes 6 months for cards to get here! haha!
WE do it for the Children!
Se Cuidan mis Amigos
Elder Hammer

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