Monday, November 29, 2010

Last Post from the MTC

Alright, well they decided to let me into COLOMBIA!!!!! I leave next Monday at 5:00 A.M BABY!! Hurrah for Israel! I am so pumped to get out into the mission field! We got our travel plans on Wednesday. Our whole district did! We are all so pumped Elder Fuqua, Elder Smith and I leave at 5 for Colombia and the rest of our district gets to sleep in til regular time and leave at 8. We are all very excited; we have a total of 6 of us going to Colombia on Monday. So this will be your last letter from me in America!! Hurray! Sorry, I got the information mixed up, but I am allowed to call you in the airport. My first flight leaves at 8 from Salt lake and I land in Georgia at 2:45 George time and then leave at 5:45 Georgia time and arrive in Colombia at 10 Colombia time! So I will call you sometime on Monday, family! I am so pumped!

Hopefully everyone had a delightful Thanksgiving! Hope the family enjoyed their turkey and wonderfulness! We had just a splendid Thanksgiving in the MTC, it was very delightful actually! We had Elder Holland talk to us in the morning. That has been my 5th apostle I've seen since I've been here! They are all just marvelous! I love going to firesides here! Elder Holland had all of his grandkids come and sing some thanksgiving songs, haha it was just like a little primary program! HAHA of course there was the older kids that were too cool to sing, the little ones that sing super loud and the middle aged kids that just chill there, haha it was amazing, I loved it! We had a delightful meal for Thanksgiving and for dinner we actually had sack dinners and ate in our dorms. We gathered the whole zone together and went around and had a picnic in the hall of our dorms and went around and said what we are grateful for. I love all of the Elders in my Zone, we all get along excellently! We all have the same vision of things its great!
Last night was a successful napkin poetry night, we had a lot of new comers and they fit in just marvelously! We will be having another one on Wednesday night and tonight is meditation night. Oh ya, on Wednesday our gym time was canceled to so we had free time in our dorms to exercise. Elder Tague and I set up a yoga/pilates class for the Zone haha. We had about 10 takers so we just messed around with those elastic stretchy bands that they gave us here and did just the weirdest exercises we could think of. It was a blast.

This week we have a special ceremony in Napkin Poetry. I have to pass off the Napkin crown to the next Napkin Poetry captain, and it’s going to be Rey Barth. We call him Rey Barth because Elder Barth is the King of Poetry. He is somewhat kind of monotone and when he reads his poetry it is so angelic. We all love Elder Barth. Elder Barth and I play a game every Sunday during temple walk where we try to take stalker pictures of other Elders and then we print off the picture and try to find that Elder that we took the weird pic of and give it to them. Elder Barth is soo good at this! I love Elder Barth!

We started packing and making sure everything is in order to go on Monday Morning. I am going to miss all of my maestros, they are all so nice. I think that the MTC has a rule that you have to be a champion to work here. Honestly everyone that works here is like an angel! I love them all; teachers that aren't even my teacher will come up and just help me with concepts when they pass by. I love them all. We have had the opportunity to meet a lot of cool people as being in the pilot program, we get to meet a lot of the big dogs of the MTC and try a lot of new things in the MTC. I loved being in the Pilot program, we get to do a lot of fun things, and learn in new ways.
Thank you everyone that has sent me their love this week. The Huyett family is awesome about sending me wonderful holiday cards, and Grandma Brennan is just a captain baker. I love her food she sends me. Hopefully Grandma Brennan will be able to conduct at the departure fireside next Sunday that would be awesome. Every Sunday I keep my eye out for her, hoping she will direct someday. Family, those were the best chocolate deliciousness ever!! It was the bomb and I ate that bread like a banna, it was awesome! So thank you for everyone’s love this week!

I am feeling very excited for Colombia obviously. I can't wait to meet the people down there! I can tell this is going to be a long week! Dad you still need to hook me up with your homies in Colombia, I really want to meet them. We are supposed to go to the temple our first day in Colombia. President Watkins told us that that is what usually happens so I want to meet your friends! So send me those people’s names and addresses if you could! I feel pretty good actually about my Spanish I can read the scriptures well in Spanish and I can speak it decently. Reading Spanish is my strength, I can write ok. I speak decently but listening to it I struggle a bit with it when people start talking super duper fast. I have been truly blessed by the Lord in learning this new language. I learn a lot more in study time when I start with a prayer and learn gospel principle. I have really been blessed greatly by our Lord here. I have had many wonderful experiences in the MTC. It is kind of sad; right now I am training the new Zone Leaders to be our replacement. I love being Zone Leader and it will be sad to leave my Zone. I love them all a lot! The Lord has blessed me with an awesome Companion. He is amazing. I love Elder Fuqua. I have been blessed with awesome teachers, and leaders and the opportunity to here from 5 apostles of our Lord and the opportunity to serve as zone leader and be in the pilot program. The Lord has really shown his hand in the MTC, it is an amazing place and can't wait to serve his children in Colombia. Love Ya All.

Love, Elder Hammer

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