Monday, November 1, 2010

Week 4 already!

Well, being part of the pilot program means that we have to deal with a lot of changes all of the time! It keeps us on our toes! Our schedule has been completely changed now! We now have P-day on Mondays!!! Its ok so far, but I loved having P-day on Wednesday because it gave us a mid-week break from our studies and all. This just gives us a 2 day weekend cuz Sundays here are awesome and we have a lot of free study time! The teachers don’t teach on Sunday but we just do Independent studying all day practically!

Last night was our biggest night of Napkin Poetry! It was the best one yet! It was our Holiday Special! We had Elders all over our room on top of the cabinets on the bunk beds on the desks! It was truly a sight to see! I loved everyone’s Napkin Poetry! They are actually getting pretty good which is the funny thing! Elder Galati got a package earlier this week from home and of course it had a box of mustaches for us!! HAHAH! Elder Galati wore his almost all day; he wore to class and breakfast! It was hilarious thank goodness he didn't wear it to sacrament or anything but it was funny to see an Elder wearing a mustache around the MTC! That night we all wore them for Napkin Poetry reading!! It was hilarious!! I love the Elders here!!

We switched our schedules so now we have lunch and stuff with our whole zone! Before our district was just off and about with a completely different schedule so we only saw our Zone basically at church and in the halls! I have a great time with our Zone Though! They are all so fun and funny! But I was sad to leave my basketball friends and stuff because now our gym time has changed too! Our teachers and kind of changing now too. Before we had the head of the Spanish department teaching us Hermano Mitchell and Herman Perez! They are so awesome! Hermano Mitchell knows everything there is to know about missionary work! He even helped in writing Preach my Gospel and helps with some of the church movies too!! It is insane! Hermana Perez is just the most loving Hermana in the world! When ever we do something weird she always says "Elders, I don’t know why I love you so much, but I do!" It’s hilarious! She is from Mexico and doesn't speak much ingles so she always asks us to see if she is talking correctly and she has the sweetest accent ever! So they will be missed! They were just training our real teachers how to teach the pilot program! So now Hermano Mitchell and Hermana Perez are going to be observing through the cameras and we won’t see them that much anymore! But our real teachers Hermano Burnham and Hermana Penaflor are amazing too! I love them all so much! They are the sweetest people ever! I wish I could just hangout with them all the time!

Elder Fuqua and our are having a blast learning Spanish himnos!! They are so fun to sing! Me himno favoritos es "Grand Eres tu" y "Mas Cerca Dios de ti" I love those, they are How Great Thou Art and Nearer My God to Thee! We will just go and find people in the halls and sing to them! It’s a blast! WE actually have pretty good sounding voices together! We have realized that we both have the same sounding voices and we have the same eyes! It’s ASOMBROSO!! aka awesome!

Everything is going swell here! I feel like I am making sure yet steady progress with my Spanish! I focus soo much on Spanish! I study as much as I can everyday with Spanish! I am really nervous about my Spanish! I can read it and pronunciate pretty decently, but I can’t have very well conversations yet! if they talk slow enough I can talk with them very well, but when someone talks fast Spanish I get lost quickly! I am doing better at my sentence structures and all but still struggling. I love talking with the Hermanas/hermanos speaking Portuguese! It is so fun! Spanish is very similar and they talk a bit slower! They just say a lot of J's and GEES sounding words and sound awesome! So I talk to them a bit here and there!

Thank you Jerry for a wonderful DEARELDER! That secret spot that were talking about in the trees! We go there all the time and do journal/poetry reading there! We love it back there! Your letter cracked me up! I can totally relate to everything you said and the Cordon blue is amazing! We had it for dinner last night! Mom, if you could send my poetry book/sweater it would be appreciated! They are both necessary!! The snow melted away but it is still chilly here! All is well and love you tons! I would do anything almost to give you all a big hug! I miss and love you all!

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