Monday, November 8, 2010

Called to be Zone Leader!

Que en el Mundo!!? This week Elder Fuqua y yo have been called to be the new ZONE LEADERS!! AHH! We were officially called as of yesterday! It is so crazy! We are both the 2 youngest in the whole zone! There's about 40 Elders in our zone as of now! We have 10 leaving this week and we have 9 more coming in! We get 5 more Elders and 4 new sisters coming in! I've only been in here for 4/12 weeks! I don't know anything more than anyone else! But it is great! President Watkins told me if I don't know something look it up in the white handbook, if it ain't there, make it up according to the spirit and my better judgment! When ever you ask someone a question around here they always say "well, did you ask God to help you?" It’s so awesome! We truly are learning to rely on the Lord and to be more in tune with the spirit and listen to its promptings! The Spirit really does have a voice! I've felt it! It's amazing, we use the Spirit as a constant resource in our everyday studies! I love the Spirit! Thank you for everyone who has sent me ASOMBORSO packages and stuff! I got some awesome Halloween packages from the Vanwags, I wore those socks for Halloween, Grandma Brennan sent me some terrific Cinnamon rolls, The Huyettes sent me the best Halloween riddles, Hen sent me the best big cookie ever!! Haha, it was amazing, hen air vacuumed it shut and it made the whole cookie all one big ol' piece, but it was delicious nonetheless!! Mom and Dad thanks for the sweaters! They are lovely and Delightful!

Spanish is coming along ok. I love to speak Spanish. I'm not so good at responding yet, but I'm good at listening and reading Spanish. I can understand most of all that is said in conference talks. Once a week I listen to a general conference talk in Spanish and read along in English to see how well I can understand it! When I read it I understand it best, speaking, is more difficult, pero I tengo amor por ESPANOL!! Me Maestros are the best EVER!! They are all so cool! We only have 2 "real teachers" Hermano Osuna, Mitchell, and Hermana Perez pop in every now and then but they mostly just spy on us now through the camera! But Hermano Burnham is amazing!! He went to Guatemala for his mission, and Hermana Penaflor is the sweetest thing ever! She is a small Hispanic woman. When she sits down her feet don't touch the floor, we all love our teachers a lot!
Elder Fuqua and I are anxious for the new district to come in on Wednesday! As zone leaders we work a bit more with the Hermanas. It is kind of an odd relationship. I still don't know exactly how to interact with the hermanas here, as of now I just avoid them. Don't worry I still say hi, but that’s pretty much it. That is something I will improve on. So with this new district coming in with 4 hermanas, this will give me a great opportunity to shine!

I am still getting adjusted to our new schedule of Monday P-days. I have mixed emotions about it but all is well. Now that we are on the same schedule as the rest of the zone we have all bonded a lot more together! I've made more friends in our hall. Elder Rupp, Elder Moser and Elder Kitterman are like my new best friends! They are here for who know how much longer, they are waiting for visas to go to Mexico. They don't have a teacher after Wednesday so they will be all on their own for their learning studies all day! But those Elders are amazing I love them all. I love playing basketball with Elder Schuller! I wish I could just ramble on about all of the Elders here cuz they all have such great personalities! Hopefully you got my memory card with all of my pics. I sent it in the letter in maces envelope. So now you can hopefully put faces with names now. Last night Elder Dickinson and Elder Pirkinsen were trying to do a 2 man cartwheel but Elder D. dropped Elder P. and now Elder P. has a rug burn on his forehead cuz he skid across the carpet! It was hilarious! President just laughed at them! Elder D. is kind of a wild man, but he is so funny. He's the red head in the pic with the succor in his mouth! There’s this Elder here that looks like Iceman for m Top gun, so Elder D. and I obviously had to take a pic with him! Whenever we see him around the MTC we treat him as if he was a celebrity. He’s cool enough to play along! He sometimes acts out scenes from the movie HAHA!

Last week we had Elder Ballard for devotional! It was amazing! We've had 3 apostles talk to us in 3 weeks!! ASOMBROSO! For sure one apostle is coming for Thanksgiving they said! We are all excited! As of now we are expected to leave on Dec. 6th. But we don't have any travel plans yet, we should be getting those around Thanksgiving they said. We are anxiously awaiting the Snow, it only rained this week, but we still have faith for snow!

So it might sound like all we do is mess around, pero, that’s a NEGATIVE! We work our little hinnies off! We mess around cuz we work super hard! I love personal study the most. There is now enough time in the world to read the scriptures! I've always loved the scriptures but they are soooo much better since I've been here! We get an hour of personal time a day! I've finished the 4 Gospels in the Bible and now I'm in 3rd Nephi! I love the scriptures and all of its applications to life! The Scripture truly are the Word of God and I am very excited to share them with the people in Colombia! Time has a weird way of working here! The days go by slow yet the weeks fly by! It is an interesting concept. I love and miss you all. Thank you for your prayers and love and letters. God be with till we meet again!

Elder Hammer

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