Monday, November 15, 2010

Why do I feel like I am fifty years old?! Que en El Mundo! For some reason, there is no such thing as sleep here! I am soo tired all day long, then when I go to bed my eyes sting cuz they're so tired so I can't sleep! haha! It looks like I have to black eyes from the bags under my eyes! Haha! Its all good, I'm just exaggerating (But only a little).This week was an amazing week! On Tuesday we had Elder BEDNAR!! come to the fireside! AWSOMBROSO!! He is the most amazing man ever to speak words out a human’s mouth! I loved his talk! It was all about Doctrine, principles, and applications! I couldn't stop writing notes the whole time he was talking! He is amazing! I loved it! Since I've been here there's been 4 apostles speak to us! We are getting another one for sure on Thanksgiving! It is truly a blessing to be here at this time!

So we had a new district come in on Wednesday! As the duty of zone leader we get to welcome them and give them the orientation and everything! It is so fun to do that, I love it a lot! We have a new district coming in on Wednesday too! We will have a huge Zone then! We might have over 50 people in our Zone!! We have one district that was supposed to leave about 3 weeks ago, but they are waiting for Visas to get into Mexico! It’s extremely hard to get visas to Mexico so they are patiently waiting! They are doing a great job waiting though! I mean, they're going on 12 weeks now being in the MTC! They should get Visas this week or next week! They are great examples to the Zone though so we don't mind them staying! I love being a Zone leader but it is a bit more stressful then I imagined! This week one of our Elders, Elder Moser, had his heart beating at 200 beats a minute. That’s insane, so he had to go to the hospital! so of course he is struggling, he is back, but has surgery on Wednesday and is getting his heart cauterized? I don't know how to spell it. But it is kind of hard to hear of Elders struggling and then Elder Fuqua and I do our best to help in anyways we can to help new missionaries feel welcome and not get homesick. The new district is having a bit of a hard time adjusting, but they are doing better! Elder Fuqua and I are like the parents basically of the Zone. Every night we walk around to all the dorms before they go to bed and say good night and ask if they need anything! Its fun, the Elders make our go around at night and they always have to say some sly comment, they're a great bunch of kids!

So last night we had the most interesting Napkin Poetry reading Ever! I wrote a killer napkin Poetry (that means it just has big words and it doesn't make any sense) Elder Galati owned his and Elder Bart is the king of Napkin Poetry as usual. All of the Napkin Poetry is just stupid stuff, and the point is to make up words and make people think that these words are real or that they could actually have some deep meaning in the poem that you just have to find it out searching your soul! So we were in the middle of it and Elder Rupp come in and actually had a real poem that he wrote on a napkin, and it was about the atonement! It was insanely awesome and good. Like he even started crying in it, everyone like felt the spirit in the middle of napkin poetry! It was insanely awesome! so after that we had call it a night, because you couldn't follow that! So it was a very awesome, interesting, napkin poetry reading in the world! who would have guessed that Napkin Poetry would turn into a spiritual event, but it did.

So all is well in the MTC1 I love getting everyone’s letters, keep them coming! They are all so awesome! Uncle Kurt sent me one last week, it was so cool! I love getting Dear Elders! I have a request though, Mom and Dad, if you could please send me like a fridge full of food, that would be awesome! we eat dinner at 4:30 and we don't eat again til 7. So at night we are all starving. All that we have here is snack food. Popcorn doesn't really fill me up. Last week grandma sent me some heaven sent cinnamon rolls and I loved them. If you could send those like microwavable macaroni stuff I would love you for ever and eternity even more!! For some reason, the food here has changed all of our bodies in interesting ways. This may be a bit crude, but I am still a boy and I’m living with 10 other boys so stuff happens. Anyways Elder Fuqua did a 6 second toot! yes I counted it. It was ridiculous! We now go to the bathroom about 8 times a day (between the 2 of us.) Elder Fuqua is laughing that me cuz I'm writing u about his bodily functions. Living with someone 24/7 you get to know them. Elder Fuqua and I are great friends.

We have the best teachers in the World! Hermano Burnham is so cool! He's 24 or so, married for a year and just the coolest kid on the block! He teaches us awesomely, and he also will make jokes with us and everything! He is pretty easy to sidetrack! He will tell us some of his "Secrets" and tells us weird fears of his and some times tells us just weird fun things in general! I love him!

We started SYL (Speak you mission language) this week! I love it! I'm decent at speaking Spanish; I can pick apart sentences when my teachers legitimately talk to me. If they talk slow I can basically completely understand. I speak ok, it’s probably pretty choppy, but it's doing better! Our expected departure date is for Dec. 6th! We are on schedule as of now to leave then. We should be getting our travel plans next week or in 2 weeks! We are all getting very excited! It's crazy to thing we will be in the field soon! I love it though!

All is well; I am alive and healthy, loving the work! Learning a lot and loving the scriptures! Oh ya parents, if you could send my memory card back that would be fantastic! Hopefully everyone likes the picture of Elder Dickinson! He left last week to the field he is missed but love him! He's the red head! Love ya'll Bye

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