Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Hi All,

Emerson departed for Colombia yesterday and today is his first day out in the field! As he would say, Hurrah for Israel! [I don't know where he gets that!] If you ever feel so inclined to write him, here is his address. All packages will be mailed to the Mission Home. If a private courier is being used, the telephone number below may be required:

Elder Emerson Kent Hammer
Columbia Bogota South Mission
Apartado Aereo 77604
Santa Fe de Bogota Districto Capital

Phone: 571-347-1679

You can still write him via dearelder. In the future if you would like to access his address quickly and would like to avoid scrolling through posts to find it, the easiest way will be to click on the label "Address" on the right hand bar. That will link you directly to this post.Thanks!


  1. "Hurrah for Israel" is a phrase that comes from the movie "The Other Side of Heaven" about Elder Groberg's mission in Tonga.

  2. "Hurrah for Israel" was spoken by Brigham Young and Heber C. Kimball preparing to leave Nauvoo, Ill., for a mission to England, each leaving a sick wife with a new baby, and so sick themselves that they had to be lifted into the wagon. On that day, the two raised themselves up and shouted "Hurrah for Israel!".....I used to say it a lot.