Sunday, January 8, 2012

The week before the jungle 12/12/2011

Well i am now basically famous now just to let you all know!! I sang a solo!! AHHH!! NEver have done that before, but i actually really love singing!! I think that i must have gone through puberty again or something cuz i rock at singing!! I could totally be part of some boy band or something!! I think i will start a mormon boy band after the mission!! We will see! haha!! But it was so great!! I loved it!! I believe that President will post the concert on Youtube soon! So when he does i will tell you all so you can see my awesome singing skills!! haha!! I like singin praises to God, its even better singing in Spanish!haha!!! But because of my new found talent I am goin to the jungle on Wednesday!! WOOO!!1 I am goin to LEticia!! It s gonna be so awesome! It really is basically gonna be a vacation for a week to be honest! We get to have another pday down there and we are going to an island called the island of the monkeys!! WOOO!!! We are gonna be preaching to the monkeys baby!1 I am super stooked!! ITs gonna be super great!!! I love our christmas songs that we sing are all about the savior from his birth to His grand purpose of His life hear on Earth and up to His crucifiction!! Singing all of these songs of my Savior have really helped understand my purpose as a missionary!!!

My mission president is excellent about always rememebering our savior he always tells us to study the life of the savior really understand and get to know him!! For that is our real purpose of being missionaries!!! Is to invite others to come unto Christ!! Our savior!! I am right now doing an awesome study about the birth of our saviour!! In this time of Christmas we are sharing alot about the Christmas reason and of our Saviour and what really is Christmas and why really celebrate and what was the first Christmas was like!!! I love studyin the Scriptures!! I sometimes wish we could just study the scriputres all day and just obtain a boat load of knowledge but that would be selfish of us!! We need to go and teach the word of God in the day!!

This week was a good week but also a sad one at the same time!! We lost one of our investigators you could say. We were in the lesson (he is a athisist) and we got to talking, he had a baptismal date! but anyways we talked to him about how he has even recieved spiritual answers he has had many spiritual experiences, he even recognized that they came from God!! So we bore him testimony of the true existence of Our savoir JEsus Christ and of our Father in Heaven!! And he told us that, oh no God doesnt exist!! So then i testified of the my Saviour JEsus Christ!! I wanted him to really know who is the man that has saved us who really is our Savior!! I testified of the importance of the mesage that we share and affirmed the truthfullnes of the answers that he has recieved and the told him that this is no game no jokin matter, that really his salvation depended on his faithfullness to God and to really act upon the answers he has had!! He says he will not progress until he sees an angel!! We told him, that angels exist and we shared with him Moroni 7 that confirms the existence of angels and that if we have faith Angels will mininster to us, we estified to him to act on his faith!! He then got mad at us and said he needs no faith in God, just faith in himself! And that pretty much was the lesson!! I was super sad!! WE have been trying so hard with this investigator we have fasted and prayed to help him but he is a tough one!! I am still super sad about his decision and his lack of faith and even that has denied his spiritual confirmationes!! But something super awesome happend in this lesson!! I will save it though for chattin with you all at Christmas!! Its awesome!! But we are sad to have lost him, but we will still try to keep in contact with him!! I am havin a great time being ZL! Its fun i like my zone!! I love my missionaries in my zone!! All is well here in Colombia!! How does it sound if i call home like at 3 in the afternoon colombia time! I got no idea what time it would be at home! Love and miss ya all!! Elder Hammer

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