Monday, January 30, 2012

the dog didn't like me

Well I had my first dog attack last night!! We were walking and it's common that dogs will bark the heck at you and they annoy you but they usually only bark so i dont pay them much attention. so this dog was barkin and i kept walkin as usual. But this dog was mad at it bit me!!! What in the world!! It didnt draw blood or anything but it did rip my pants!! What the hey!!!! I just looked at the dog and then we escaped in a swiftful way! haha!! but got to get some pants repaired now!! My time is showin now!! I got the stained shirts, i got the ripped pants, starting to get some holes in my shoes!! haha!! I am a pro now!!

We got a baptism planned for this weekend! Felipe has his baptismal interview today and will be gettin dunked this Sunday!! YEA!! Finally!! A baptism in Roma!!! Our area is not the best, and it really makes me sad!! I want to leave my area and be able to give to the Elder that comes behind me to be excited with the growth of the area and be ready to work!! I dont know how, but my comp also finds ways to do some weird errands!!! And when i tell him i dont want to go, he somehow makes me feel guilty and all, so this week i was like well you go and you take a member and we will do divisions! I will stay and work, you go do the nonsensive errands!! so We did!! And we worked miracles!! So we were contacting on Monday and i love goin to the poorest parts of town because they need the most help, and who better than the missionaries to give them a boost, right! but my comp gets scared, but when we went on divisions i took the member with me and we went and contacted that area!! IT was super hardcore!!! It was the third door we knocked on and this guy came out from the window. I always carry a book of Mormon in hand, and i just showed him the book and was like we are here giving this other testament of jesus christ to everyone here!! Its a Gift from God to you. We would like to give you this book free!! I have never done that before, i always testify or somethin like that about the book of mormon or I testify of Eternal Families!! But the guy was like ok come on in!! I was like huh!! ya sure!! But we went in and we taught this guy everything!!! His name is Hernan Ossarno!! He is super cool!! We talked and we gave him the Book of Mormon we explained to him everything all of the 1st lesson!! It was such an awesome lesson!!! Him and his wife listened to us and were stoked!!! the spirit was so strong when we testified of the Book of Mormon and of Joseph Smith!!! I am so grateful for a Prophet in these days and for the Truthfullnes of His gospel!! In Roma, we havent really baptized alot but we have defended the truth everyday!! We teach alot of preachers and pastors and athesists here and that gives me a lot of opportunities to testify of God and that he is a loving God. God does not contradict himself he doesnt misguide us but gives us direction!!! There are not 2 paths that lead to the gates of heaven only 1!! How can it be that there can be two churches that teach different doctrines be right, it cant, that would make God a God of Confusion a God of disorden a contradictory God. But i testify of a loving God, a God of direction!! I love testifying of God!!! I believe that I have one more week here in Roma and we will finish my time here with a baptism!!

I am stoked to get out of Bogota!! It will be a blast to sweat!! I am workin hard to build up the area!! We got 4 new families this week from contacting in that poorer neighborhood of our area and we are putting baptismal dates with them too!! It's great!! So slowly but surely we are gettin the area better!! Love ya all a ton! I am proud of my family!! I am super super stoked to hear that Franky is gettin his patriarchal blessin!!! I am so glad to have Grandpa as a patriarach!! I read my blessin a lot in the Mission and has given me so much guidance in times of needs and a times when i have been on my knees!!! I am so grateful for my family!!!! I love ya all!!!! 8 months!! Wow!!! Tims sure flies!! Love ya all tons Elder Hammer

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