Monday, January 30, 2012

letter 1/23/2012

Ok so this Saturday was super bomb diggidy dog!! I love being a missionary. It's some hard core stuff up in here in Colombia!! So for the past 2 weeks my zone and I have been planning to do a Book of Mormon stand!! It was super hardcore!! I assigned every area some type of example from the Book of Mormon!! So we had one area make a 4 foot Bible and Book of Mormon, another area made a time line of the Book of Mormon, another area made a comparision chart of the Book of Mormon and the Bible another area made a chart of the restoration and we made a replica of the Gold plates haha!!! So we went to some mall here and set up a table with all of the pamphlets that we have with a box full of Book of Mormons and we went and preached the word!!! We had 2 missionaries workin the table and then the rest of the Zone went out to contact the people!! We all had a Book of Mormon in hand and a pamphlet if the Restoration and went and talked to the people and brought them back to the booth and we taught them basically the first lesson right then and there with examples with pictures and the Book of Mormon right then and there!! I have never felt the spirit so strong in contact before!! IT helped us alot with this activity!!!! I got super touched to see my zone doing some hard work Saturday!! To see 14 missionaries there. I stopped for a second to check on the zone and i looked around and saw all 13 members of my zone talking to someone there all testifying of the truthfullness of the Book of Mormon!!1 It was so cool!! We talked to alot of people that day!! I loved it!! We were there for about 3 hours and in three hourse we gave out almost 30 book of Mormons!! We contacted hundereds of people and we got a lot of references this day!!! It was so spectacular workin in the Lords work!! I loved it!! We have a goal now to do this activity every week, we are going to rotate areas every week and we are gonna go to the main parks and shopping centers in every area in the zone!! It was a huge success!!!!We all had a great time!!!I love the Book of Mormon! IT truely is the Word of God!! The prophets that are in the Book of Mormon really are prophets of God!! My testimony has been strengethed so much by these opportunitiesto testify of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon to the people here in Colombia!! I love the Work of God!! I love my Savior Jesus Christ!! And I cannot be still! I want the world to know! I want the people to come unto Christ to put an end to all of this turmoil and wickedness!!!!

Last night we had an awesome experience in a lesson!!! I dont remember feelin the spirit so strong before in a lesson!! We are teaching a lady who is a bit different but she listens and has alot of needs!! but I had the opportunity to testify to her about MY Lord and My God!! I testified to her of a Loving God, a God of truth not of Lies!! I testified that God does not mislead us!! God doesnt contradict himself, he doesnt say something then take it back!! We testified that the Book of Mormon is the Word of God, that Jesus is the Christ and that God has restored His gospel in these days! I told her that there are only 2 options to what we have testified of, that we are liars, or that God contradicts himself then!! She believed that all churches were correct, all come from God, we told her that yes, other churches do contain truth they teach from the Bible, they teach of teachings of Christ but they all teach of different principles, they understand the same passage of Sciptures in so many ways and intepret thme differently. Some teach of God being 3 seperate beings, others that God is an energy, that God is christ and the spirit in one personage!! How can that be, that God teaches different doctorines to different men. Is it that God teaches many doctrines of Himself that contradicts His divinty and Power!! I testified that this is not the case, but that God is a God of truth and light!! My God is a God of strength and hope. The options of this message that we share is that this message is a lie, that we are liars and are we are wasting our time preaching of a lying God, if all of the Churches come from the divinty of God, then God sends us confusion! Or this message is True. That this really is the Restored Church of Jesus Christ, that God really doesnt not desire our confusion, God is a Loving God that God is a God of orden and that the Book of Mormon is the Word of God!!! I love bearing testimony to the truth of this book! Of the truthfullnes of God and His divinty!! I love my Savior!! I testify to a God who answer prayer and God who knows us and reveals His word in these days!! And i can not be still!!

I have been listenin a lot to the song When all is said and done!! What will happen to Colombia after i am gone! How will the area be when i am gone when all is said and done, will they remember my Savior and His Gospel!! I want to be like my Father!! After 30 years, when Dad said all that had to be said, yet all is not Done!! The Work that Dad did here goes forth, for the words dad has said here, the work is not done, it goes forth and i am a part of this Work!! THe Work of my Dad has done and the Work of My Heavenly Dad does still goes Forth!! Elder Hammer!!

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