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I want to live in the jungle Elder Tarzan Hammer 12/19/2011

Well I basically was at home this week in the Jungle!! I loved it so much!! I really was the best week maybe of the mission! It really wasnt too hot but it has over a 40 percent humitity and about 85 degress so thats what killed us!! Here in Bogota its only gets to like 70 and thats a hot day! So i loved feelin the heat!! The airport there is like the size of our cultasack in the front super tiny!! But it was awesome!! I loved the whole trip! In the mornings we had the choir practices and all and then after 12 we could do whatever we wanted basically!! President kept giving me assignments to do and i was happy to do it! Leticia has a front with Brazil!! So the mission actually goes into Brazil too!! and there they speak portuguese!! So one day after church president just came up to me and was like Elder Hammer go to Brazil and teach some brazilians today!! I was like ok!! I thought he was joking but he was for real so i went and tried to speak some portuguese to some people haha!! Its similar to spanish! I can understand it, i just cant speak it!! Its an comparsion i like to think of as english and then goin down to louisiana talking to some old aligator hunter man with no teach! you understand but still like what!! So if i spoke slow spanish to them they understood me and same for them in portuguese!! IT was pretty darn cool!!

Then another day pres. told us to go and contact fro about 6 hours! We were like ok yes sir!! AS you say!!! well becasue we were there for a christmas choir program we thought why not give the people a little tast of our voices and what we got goin on here! So Elder Fifield!!(He is so number 1 in my book he is the most humble beautiful man in the world!!) He plays the vilin in the program so he brought his violin with him and we went into the jungle to find some people and we were like hey there sire how are you. We would like to play a song for Christmas. So we would sing him a song or two that contact him invite him to the program that week and we would try to teach them!! IT was so cool and fun i loved it!!! So then we went to parks in the jungle where there are people that just sit there all day doin nothin so we put on a little tiny part of the progam and all it was awesome!!!

 while we were there pres gave us a pday to do whatever we wanted so he eve ngave us permission to go Zip lining!! I was like well thats where im going!! So we went zip lining in the jungle and we saw an alligator and monkeys while we were in the jungle and all it was so cool! The past part of the trip was that ELDER FUQUA (My comp from the MTC) is serving there right now and he was with us the whole time so we hung out the whole time!! It was fantastic!!I bought me a hammock while i was there too it is awesome love that thing!! haha!! But this month has been super fast!!!! Time goes by super fast!! Hey well i think that i will be callin home at like 5 or six then Colombian time!! hopefully that will be better for everyone!!! Pres lets us call home the day before to confirm that time with everyone so i will call home for a sec friday or saturday to confirm with ya all. This week i have been studyin the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ this week!1 I love the Scriptures there are so amazing!! I love everythin about them!! But this year i wanted to do a good study about really this Christmas Holiday not only studyin the beloved Luke 2 chapter but really Christmas from all of the Gosples adn even the Book of Mormon!

President Casablanca is super awesome and he really emphasis and really wants us to know our SAvior, really thats the purpose of being a missionary!! As i studied to get to know my Savior I realized how the times have gone back to the times of Christ!! The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!! For more than 4000 years the prophets of the Old Testament have been testifying and anxiously been waiting for the coming of a Mesiah a redeemer. They patiently awaited the signs of His coming!! As the time came closer to the coming of the Lord who really was ready for these signs!!! Our Father in Heaven had sent Prophets to testify of Christ There had been signs of His coming there had been all of these signs to prepare the people to recieve their King!!!! God gave us enough time and enough signs to be prepared for the Birth of Jesus Christ!! The Signs of the Coming Christ were all signs to be prepared!!!! But look at the preparation of the World!!! The king of Kings My Redeemer couldnt even find room in an inn!! Sign after sign, prophet after prophet were sent the signs to be prepared to recieve our king! But couldnt even make room for Him in a Inn!! And was born in a Manger, alongside the sheep and animals!! But as we see the coming of the followin events of the Birth of Jesus Christ, we see who we need to be in this coming Christmas season. LEts think of who was at the side of our tiny newborn Savior. THere was Jospeh and Mary who where there to rejoice in the birth of our savior , then the shephers in the nearby pastores who came to see the divine baby Jesus after the declaration from the angles!! Then Later the 3 wise men (3 wizards in spanish haha!) came to celebrate with our savior. The 3 wisemen are my heroes in this story!! No angel came to preach to them, they came on their own free will and came because they had been looking for the sign of the Birth of Christ! They really wanted to follow they came to really worship him really were waitin for the coming of the Mesiahs and were preapred to go leave and meet Him!! THe Birth of our Saviour was no surprise For even King Herod knew of His coming and sent his soldiers to come and find Him and kill him!! IT was not a surprising event!! But we see whe were there to be with our little saviour on that first Christmas day!! Jesus was accompanied with His loving parents (Family) His was accompanied by those who really cared for him and loved him (Friends) And they were all brought together to Worship God and give praises and Gifts unto Him!!

As we get prepared in this Christmas we must do the same!! Gettin together to celebrate our Savior Jesus Christ! The Christmas season doesnt creap up on us, it may come by quick but we know it is going!! As we buy gifts and put up Christmas lights and all of those goodies, we do to remember adn to share our Joy for the Birth of the Divine Child our Saviour Jesus Christ to commerate his Birth His life His Death and rejoice that the Salvation comes through Him!! I wish you all a merry Christmas and cant wait to hear from ya all Sunday!!! Love Elder Tarzan Hammer P.S Thanks a boat load for the Package!!!! I love my sweaters!! And the candy was eaten way to fast!! I miss good food!!!! P.S I ate Mohoji in Leticia look it up in internet!!! ITs a huge worm the size of my thumb!! I ate it a LIVE!!!! IT was still a live and i tried to eat it but couldnt so i ended up barfing haha!!! Good ol Tribal food haha!!! I didnt get the book or papers mom said she put in the package some how that thing she was making during conference didnt make it here!! I am bummed!! I got one package!! But sounds like you sent more!! We will see what happens!!

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