Wednesday, January 19, 2011

She's going down!

Yes, it is true, Yolanda Ines Martin Pinerros went down into the waters of baptism, I must say a bit reluctantly though haha! Yolanda is a 64 year old sweet hearted women, she’s like a grandma to us. She is very sweet, but her mind at times is not there and we have to remind alot of what’s going on and reteach a lot of the lessons. On Saturday at the baptism she thought that she had to go head first into the water haha, even before I said the prayer she was trying to get into the water. It was a bit difficult to try to explain to her again how to do the ordinance. We explained it to her like 5 times but I think she was just a little bit nervous or something. Eventually she got into the correct stance and all and I said the prayer, it is obviously in Spanish, and thank goodness that the lord blessed me with getting it right the 1st time. When it can time for dunking her in the water, she didn’t want to plug her nose, her hand was sticking out of the water, I call this move the titanic, it was as if it was her last breath and was clinging her hand out of the water. She is older and a bit more fragile, but I got her hand under the water! Instead of a nice quick immersion, Yolanda had a nice opportunity to be under for a good 3 seconds or so, just to make sure she was completely washed of her sins. But she went completely under the 1st time and all was sell. I must admit that it may not have been the most smooth baptism, but the ordinance was performed and I sure that God is pleased nonetheless. I must say though that at times it was a bit difficult to hold my composure, but ya got to love Yolanda she is one of a kind for sure.

Yesterday we received our assignments for transfers, Elder Valdivia and I will be in Villa Sonia still for another transfer which is good, we have been working hard with new investigators here. We now about 17 people that we are teaching on a regular basis, so the work has grown tremendously since I've been here. We have another baptism planned for Feb. 15 for Duvann Ospina. I am looking forward to this! Duvann is a 14 year old boy who is just the coolest kid ever. We are good buds. There is another family of 4 that we are teaching and we are going to try to set a date with them this or next week. I am excited for that also.

I am super anxious for baby EVY to come, what is taking her so long, I want some pics of this little angle as soon as she comes! I’ve been waiting for ever. Every time I see a little baby around 1-2 I get a bit homesick, babies are huge when they are 1-2! Like they are no longer babies, they’re people! I’m like Evy is going to be huge when I get to meet her! But I am stoked POPS! Happy birthday!!! WHOOOO!!! Hurray for the Father!! Mom says you want to hit up the snow for your birthday! yo esper que podria ir a la nieva con ustedes! Yo extranjo la nieva y la familia mucho!! Cada vec cuando yo veo alguien que estan embrazando, estoy enfermada da la casa(Homesick) yo no se! I hope that you have the party of the century and enjoy the day of your birth! Ya I’ve had the arepa the chalchichons and all that good stuff, its pretty good. The Pan is my favorite for sure too! It’s so cheap and big! I buy at least 3 loafs a week! The food here isn’t that bad, its just that its the same everyday, everyday is rice, platanos, jugo and some type of meat. The meat is different, it usually really fatty, has hair on it or there’s alot of bones. Every Wednesday we eat at this family's home that like to break the bone and hen we eat the meat from the inside of the bone, its like a liquid meat and is very different. The Lord really does bless His missionaries with the gift of tongues, while speaking and also while eating, I'm glad that at times I don’t really taste the food, you just say a prayer and down it goes. If anyone has any good easy recipes for me that would be excellent! we cook for breakfast and dinner, but the food options here are limited to basically rice, sandwiches, salchichas. I mixture of food would be delightful!

Sounds like the ward is growing alot since I’ve been gone, that’s great! more families are moving in, sad to her about Mr. Austin, that’s terrible! hopefully all goes well with his surgery! Tookies, glad to hear that you are having missionary opportunities that’s excellent! And Frank sounds like he is a stud at school! Way to go my Bro.

Right now we are working with these people that are having a hard time to quit drugs. Here, drugs are in abundance, the richer people do marijuana and things but we actually have alot of circumstances where the people and addict to glue. Glue is cheaper and it is way more powerful here. Aww, drugs are an awful thing! It is difficult to deal with these situations and you try to help them but the keep relapsing and it is very difficult to deal with these situations.

On the mission things come into new perspectives and you see things a bit differently. I’ve always loved my scriptures but now I love them even more, I've always loved the family but oh my gosh I miss them tons!!! It is difficult at times to teach people about families. Its like oh my gosh the family is so awesome and I miss mine so much! The family really is ordained of God and we learn and grow so much within the family! The gospel is true! At times we think, I’m living the gospel and keeping the commandments, shouldn’t life be easy. The gospel isn’t meant to make life easier. It makes us stronger, so that things that used to be hard are now made lighter because we are stronger. Everyday I am reminded of this. I am doing all that I can everyday, but I still struggle every single day with the language, with investigators, with companion. But everyday we have the opportunity to grow and we need to take advantage of the opportunities to grow. When we trust in the Lord and truly forgot about ourselves, that’s when the Lord can truly use us. It is difficult to forget about us, especially here. Where nothing is the same, I miss the luxurious of being at home, my friends, my work, my truck, my old life, but that is not what the Lord needs me for, and when I can forget about that stuff and focus on the step ahead of me is when the Lord works miracles in my life! The Gospel is true, and that’s all that matters!
Love and miss you all!!
Elder Hammer

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