Sunday, January 30, 2011

Estoy haciendolo!!

Yep, that’s right! I’m doing do it! I am definitely in Colombia doing missionary work!! This week we set one baptismal date. It’s going to be the 8th of Feb, Katherine Farfan will be going to the waters of Baptism then! Wooo for the aqua! This week we were busting our tails. we had 13 investigators come to church this week! That ridiculous!! This week we are going to try to set dates with 6 of them. Hopefully that is successful!! Gospel Principles class was filled this week! It was super!! It’s a good feeling to have a full class! Right now we are working a lot with people that have issues with drugs, it’s very hard to help people progress and break these habits. They want to be baptized but the cant stop their addictions. The other major problem here that we see a lot is there are a lot of people that aren’t married but are living together. Missionaries here help a lot of people get married. We are working with two families right now that we need them to get married to set baptismal dates.

I love my Ward. They are very great and they love giving me opportunities to preach the Gospel too. This week I had the opportunity to give a talk haha! In my lovely Spanish language. I willingly accepted this offer. It sure was a doozy but they all said they could understand me and all was well. Obviously I don’t understand all, and talk fluently, but I don’t worry too much about the language barrier, I understand probably a good 80 percent of the words they are saying and the words I don’t know I can figure out from context. I can understand better than I talk so I like to ask the people questions or try to make them tell me a story about their life.

I am definitely living in Colombia though. This week I had the privilege to have a personal tour of how the medical system here works. haha. This week I had a stomach infection and got to visit the clinic. We complain about health care in America, this is a bit different. I sat in the waiting room for a good 4 hours waiting and then when I finally got into the dr. They hooked me up with some liquid of some sort. and injected 2 liters of this stuff. it took 2 hours!! It was pretty funny. I had a fever, aches pains, the works, it was not fun, but I am doing much better now, they hooked me up with some meds and all is well. This really made me miss mom a lot though. Oh my gosh I was really missing Mom! I just wanted some one to rub my back. I missed that. I like when Mom gives me back rubs and gives me gatorade when I'm sick. But I didn’t have that luxury this time. But no fear, all is well now.

I AM STILL WAITING FOR THIS BABY KEN!!! oh my gosh, how much longer am I going to have to wait for this EVY!! It’s killing me over here. I need to see this child!! I’m in agony over here waiting for her to come! when will she be done!

POPS! Sounds like you had a successful Bday! You went for a hike!!!!! You’re killing me!! I am dying to get out into nature. I’m like 20 min or so from the mountains but we aren’t allowed to go into them because they’re dangerous. Ahh!!! I’ve been in the MTC for 2 months and almost 2 months in the city. mountains sound delightful!! I'm glad to hear that you are flying the plane! Hopefully when I return u will b a pro! Did you get any cool presents. Hopefully the work so going all good. I talk about you a lot POPS! Oh My Gosh you were the coolest best missionary ever! I met one of your Companions yesterday. I met William piriquaeve! He’s a cool guy. You baptized 26 people in 4 months!!!!! That’s ridiculous!! you really are an inspirations to me POPS! I really look up to! I love having lunch with the Piriquaves they always tell me stories about their trip to visit America and how nice you and Grandpa are. They love talking about Nancy too haha.

I had a 3rd Christmas this week!! Thank you to the Huyetts for the card, Diana for the Candy, Grandpa Hammer for the card, and Grandma Brennan for the money and the cooking knife!! Hurray for Family. It was also a delight to get a wonderful Christmas Card from the Reynders! Thank you very much Sister Reynders for the lovely note. I really appreciate it!
I hear Matt is gonna be heading to Africa soon!! haha! That’s beast!! Matt with all the africans! WHOOO!! That sounds like a blast!! Its crazy to see all my friends going on missions. We are just kids!! That is great!!

Well all is well. Friends please send picks and family too. I love hearing from ya'll! I expect a niece the next time I get on.

Love Elder Hammer

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