Monday, January 3, 2011


This week was the most spectacular week in the world! I am really starting to feel like a missionary! Even though I can’t completely talk to the people fluently I can communicate decently with the people, they understand what I’m saying most of the time.

This week I taught Gospel Principles class! HAHA! It was fabulous!! I loved it! Obviously the lesson was a bit choppy with my limited vocabulary but the class participated and we had a lovely time! I loved it, the lesson was on agency, and it was so much fun. Elder Valvidivia didn’t have to jump in and teach in the lesson, but the spirit was my guide and I just talked, it was so great. Every time I open my mouth, I need the spirit to be me my guide because it is impossible for me to say anything on my own. It was so much fun, I love it when people can understand what I say and the get the message I’m trying to share, it’s superb!

Yesterday was the best day of the mission by far!! This week has been a very difficult week because of the holidays and all it’s very difficult to get appointments and all, but we were working it. Yesterday the Lord blessed us tremendously! The stakes here have an event every month where the missionaries and the members go out and contact together!! It’s called the Golden Package! What it is, is a Liahona magazine, a pass along card and a Proclamation to the family folletto wrapped up in a gold package. On New years Hermano Home came to our house and we made these packages for 2 hours or so. We weren’t allowed to leave the house until 2 on new years so we were using our time wisely. Anyways, on Sunday we had about 30 members and our whole zone of missionaries meet at the chapel and we went contacting with the members, one missionary for 2 members, it was the best, I went with Hermano Home and his son Felipe. At first there was nobody home, and we were having a difficult time trying to give these packages to people. Then these 2 senoras walked by us so we contacted them, we testified about the family to these senoras. In the contact the lady cried, she was soaking up everything we said, it was perfect!! Then we even set up an appointment with her for that night!!

Last night we had 2 appointments at the same time so Elder Validivia went with Hermano Rico to one appointment and Hermano Home and I went the visit Alejanda, the lady we contacted in the street. We went to her house and we talked about the family and that we are all children of God, Every time we said the word family she would cry, at the end of the lesson we asked her how she feels about this message and al and she said that she feels Gods love and that the things we said were true and her and her family of 4 kids are now going to take the discussions and all!! It was magnificent! During this time Elder Valdivia was at the other appointment who is a reference from a member and this is a new investigator too, one of our old investigators showed up at the lesson and she wants to take the discussions at again!!! Oh my gosh it was wonderful!! These are the days that missionaries live for!! This is why I’m here!! It was a perfect day of missionary work! The Lord really showed his hands yesterday!! The Lord really has blessed my so much here! I’m starting to get a bit more comfortable here which is good. The key to missionary work is to never have your mouth closed, you are always talking or smiling, your mouth is never closed, only when you’re eating! I live on Faith everyday here, Every time I open my mouth and have to have confidence in my savior that I’m speaking Spanish and that the words will come to me and I just talk with a smile.

This week for new years we went to the Family Lopez house. It was a alot of fun! Thank you parents for the package! It was spectacular!! I was nervous at first because you said that you sent 2 packages but only one arrived, I got a notice today though that the other one has arrived!! And the Vanwags hooked me up too!! That was super cool. Thank you very much Vanwags and Family! I was very cool to get packages! I’ve been missing some good American food, they have stuff that is similar but it’s still way different than the stuff back home, even the Oreos and Doritos are different, so it was good to get some good Macadamions and MMs. The van wags hooked me up with so good American food and a lovely letter and Holiday card! Hurray for friends and Family. I really do appreciate it! I think that my companion though was more excited though. I didn’t even finish opening my box and Elder V was already digging around in the box talking stuff out and eating my food and all. At first I was kind of mad, like Elder, this is my package what’s up, I was going to share with him but he just went for it, its all good though, all of this stuff is new to him so I’m cool with it. He loved the Nerf gun though. Oh my gosh and don’t know how many times he’s shot me with that thing, We decided to give the toys to some of the kids in the ward, we gave one to Felipe and Michael, Michael is and investigator and Felipe is his cousin that’s a member, that loved the guns, they brought them to Church yesterday, so I told them that they needed to put the guns away then after church they could shoot me. So they did! Thank you for the packages for new years, I gave all the pop its and all that stuff to members on New Years Eve. They loved them they were so surprised with the confetti popper things they loved them. Anything American people love here. I am glad that I gave away the horn thing. Elder V loves sounds. He was blowing that thing in my ear all night, so that’s why I had to give them away. Anything that makes noise I can't give to him. He found a squeaky toy in the street the other day that was torn, he brought it home and repaired it and now everyday he squeaks the thing. He loves sounds that are very interesting and every now and then he just squeaks the thing. I said he can squeak it as long as its not during study time. I'm glad that he respects that rule haha! Thank you very much for the Harmonica. I really wanted that, I love it I’m trying to learn to play hymns with it! Hopefully soon I can. But I have to hide the harmonica under my bed so Elder V wont play it all day. Haha.

The New years traditions are different here. They pass around a bunch of grapes and you have to hold them above your head and dance and all, and then eat them it symbolizes a year of prosper, then at 12 the people get there suitcases and run around the block rolling the suitcases symbolizing the new years is leaving, and they do have the scarecrow man thing that they burn. Its illegal, but the people do it anyways haha. And they have like little bottle rockets that they launch off. It wasn’t that bad. I hear that Calli has it worst. Calli is more of the party town, here is a but more tranquilo. e Piraquiv family tried to call dad on New Years they wanted to talk to him because William was in town for New years but they said they will try to call back later! They are a great family.

Hen you’ve got like 3 weeks until baby time!! I’m stoked! Oh and Happy anniversary, sorry it’s like 2 weeks late but better late then never! I really need to see pics!! Every time I look at Alejandra, she’s a girl in my ward that’s like 2, I think, oh my gosh she’s so big, that as how big Evy will be when I get home!! ahh!! and Jerry thank you very much for your letter! I feel the same way!! you get discouraged with Spanish yet again you don’t because you know the lord is there. HAHA! Thank you very much for your email! I’m stoked for you to be a dad! Haha. frank I need pics of your powder puff and all. I’m stoked to see it and I need pics of the new car!!! I want to see what the fam is cruzing these days! So ya life is good, It’s a different life here but I love being a missionary!

Love Elder Hammer 

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