Monday, January 10, 2011

Que es eso, Pienso que es un BAPTISMO!!!

Yes you are reading a little bit of Spanish for the Subject!! This week I will be baptizing YOLANDA MARTIN!!! I am super stoked!! Saturday at 6 she will be baptized!! She is the funniest person in the world. She’s a 67 year old stalwart lady that we have been teaching ever since I got here! She’s great! When we asked who she would like to baptize her she actually picked me. I told I was honored but we would actually like a member to baptize her but she refused, so I have to honor of baptizing her! I am super excited! I love it when people accept the gospel!!

This week also my companion had District Leader training for a day, so I had Elder Medinia, who is another Elder in my our Zone come to my place and worked together for the day!! He is a new missionary also!!! We came in on the same day! Anyways I had to plan the whole day and for both us and I was the Senor Companion for the Day! I loved it!! With in 4 hours we had 3 lesson 11 contacts and we even ate some lunch!! I don’t know why but this is what we usually do in a whole day with Elder Valdivia and I!! Elder Medinia and I just worked I tails off. I like it that way!! It was fun because I chose the lessons and topics and the appointments and lead the discussion! I can talk a lot better when I know what are the points we are going to hit in the lesson and I actually know the scriptures we are sharing. It was a good day!

I was very pleased to receive the package this week!! My companion loves packages, he ate all of his stuff with in 10 min. Thank you very much for the exercise stuff, I was getting creative with my work outs before by lifting our chairs, now I got a stretchy band so I'm good to go! I must say that my favorite part though is the Justin Beiber trading cards!! What a blessing to have those cards now in my life!! haha!! I’m actually giving the cards to this girl in my ward is obsessed with Disney Channel!

Thank you very much to my friends this week too, I received some lovely hand written letters!!! Hurrah for good friends!! Sarah Barlocker, I need you Email address dear friend!! If you write an Email to my Dad then I can email you! Its nearly impossible for my to send mail from here, about every 3 months or so I can send a handwritten letter! But I love receiving hand written letters! I am stoked to hear the Meghan is going to Ecuador, and Jenneka F. is going to Arizona!! This is going to be great!! Kara, Meghan, and Jenneka and I will be returning home at about the same time!! We can be friends when we return home and speak in our beloved Spanish languages!!! hurray!!

For my friends going to speak Spanish here are some little tips, for Spanish! Its stinkin hard, but super cool to have a conversation with someone! Watch the news, read the Book Of Mormon, watch the Wiggles all in Spanish!! The more you hear it, talk it, and read it the better! The first 2-3 weeks in the field are very difficult to know what’s going on. but now, with the help of the Lord I’m working miracles. I can understand most of everything that’s going on, talking is still a bit of a struggle, but I can talk to someone face to face but in a group of people and cant say a word! Rely on the Lord, know your inadequacies and trust in the Lord always!! ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS! When you don’t have the spirit you cant talk. At times my mind will wander and if I'm not thinking missionary work, then I cant speak. The Lord demands all of you in the mission field! Siempre think missionary!
I got these legit scripture covers for my scriptures, sorry I forgot my camera today but will email pics next week! P.S to friends, you may email pics too! I didn’t bring pics of anyone and I’m forgetting your faces! hook me up with what your doing an life and all! And who is getting married, Someone has got to be getting married soon, its almost that time of year! Who will be the first of my crew to get married.

SO ya this was my week. All is well in Colombia! We have alot of rain, always! It seems like everyday when we are contacting to rains! up North its flooded and we have alot of people from the North down here now looking for homes and all cuz theirs are all under water!!

Hen, like 2 weeks or so until the BABY!! I’m stoked I tell everyone about you and all!! hurray that I will be a TIO!! Jay I get you emails have no fear! Seems like you are super swamped with you calling and all but seems like your doing an excellent job with it! sounds like a fun outing to the temple the other day! Hen and Jay if you could hook me up with Luke and Jerry’s email I can email them too!

Love ya all and miss ya all too!
Love Elder Hammer

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