Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hot Lands 6/19/2012

Well, I am now in the hot lands finally and wow is it a nice hot place!! I love it! Well I got in my area Saturday afternoon! It's super cool! What happened is that I left friday but I couldnt make it all the way to my area so i stopped in a place called Girardot. I stayed the night with my BEST FRIEND ever Elder Fuqua here! haha!! Mycomp from the MTC. He is awesome. So i spent the night there and then i went the rest of the way to Ibague in the morning!! It is a beautiful ride!! Its basically a jungle ride! Its tight! You just go through the forest the whole time!! So green, there are waterfalls along the roadside and all it was a beautiful ride!! My area is like a big small town! It is awesome its a district there, not yet a stake! but it is great!!!! We did some good work when I got there! My comps are awesome! I am with Elder Pesado. He has been like my dream companion! YES!! We have the same teaching style and i love that kid!! He is from Aargentina!! Great missionary!! We have always wanted to be comp since he came to be my ZL when I was in Patio Bonito! I go home in October and he goes in November! But he is the bomb!! We are also with Elder Petka!! Oh my gosh, he makes me laugh so hard!! He's from Arizona! Love that kid to death! So Elder Petka goes home next week so we are in a trio for just a week!! But right now i am actually in Girardot again! I am still AP but in the hot lands! But we have to travel alot more and more farther. So we came here to Girardot again yesterday. So sorry that's why I didnt write yesterday! But we got here yesterday and it was a holiday yesterday so we asked president to change pday to Tuesday cuz on holidays it's better for teaching people cuz they are at home!

I am having a blast being out of the offices! Being AP in the hotlands is a lot better! We are more like regular missionaries! I like it a lot more! There are no more offices! We just do intercambios, and prepare capacitations and every now and again an errand for president! A lot less stressful! And with my comps, why would i not be happy as heck! Wow! I live with the best men alive! So today for pday we are gonna play paintball in the jungle!! i am stoked! then we are gonna play some tejo! Tejo is basically a game that drunk people play, but we will be drinking juice instead dont worry! It's like horse shoes kind of but you get a bit rock and throw it into basically a mud pit and in the mud they have like hiddens mines and you want to explode all of the mines with the rock you threw at it! haha! I ll take pics to show you all today! It's funny when the drunks play it cuz some times they hit people with the rock haha!! Good ol drunk dudes!

 This week in Ibague is a folklore festival! YEA!! SO that means parades and a lot of drunk dudes! Its also dia de San Pedro! So that means double drinkin!! WE shall see how it goes! I am excited to see it! There is a bull fightin pit in my area now, we might go see a bull fight soon! Theres alot these next two weeks! THe festival lasts for like 21 days, so its basically a 2 week drinking party here haha!! We have some killer investigators in our area!! I am stoked to work in ibague!! THis week we have multi zone conference here in Ibague so that will be fun! I am stoked!! Well all is well here! I am loving it!! Happy fathers day all of you Father, sorry i forgot last week! They dont really celebrate Fathers day here! So that's why it kind of slipped my mind! But I love ya all a ton Elder Hammer

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