Sunday, July 22, 2012


Well this week we were super blessed in our work efforts in Ibague! Being Ap in Tierra calient is the bomb!! I love it a lot but we loose a lot of time traveling! We travel every week to do exchanges with zone leaders in other areas. So we leave sunday night or monday morin depending where we are going to there are bus rides from 3-9 hours we go on! So we travel good and far! We get back usually Wednesday to our area! We are really in out areas on like 3 full days of the week. Becasue of our lack of time in the area we try to make the most of it! This week was really hard doing that because we had a conference in Ibague we were saying good bye to president casablanca! He goes home on Saturday he kept inviting us to eat with him we had breakfast twice with him this week! haha! It was bomb!! Elder Petka went home and Elder Acuna also they both finished their missions so they stayed at our house this week! Elder Acuna was my comp in Bogota and he came down with president for the conference and stayed til sunday with us! But we got some killer references! We got this girl named sara!! WOW!! Super great we taught her the first time on Saturday and came to church Sunday!! Shes adventista!! I dont know if that means shes advent in english dont remember too well haha! But they keep the sabbath on Saturday but she was super cool and came to church the 3 hours loved the classes had questions! IT is always better when investigators have questions! It means they think and its actually somethin important to them! Then last week a less active guy came to church and told him we would like to visit him! His family are members but his parents and his sisters arent and woopdie doo, his sister is super interested in the gospel she wants to go to church is ready for the gospel had questions like nothin else but like the good ones! IT was a great lesson! She came to church yesterday and loved it!! So we are slowly growing our teachin pool! And the people we are teaching all of the mare the best! I love them to death!! We should have 4 baptisms in July and one this weekend! YEAH!! I am stoked!!  In tierrra caliente the people are way different than those in Bogota! The land here is fertile the people more receptive and just awesome! So i am enjoying it alot!!

But yeah there are 4 AP's in the mission! One companionship in Bogota and 1 companionship in tierra caliente! I am having a great time with Elder Pesado! We are enjoyin our time together, a bit sad that ends up i am gonna be the one who kills him and him not me. He is going to go home in August to be able to study!! AHH!! So he might be going home in the beginning of August if he goes home in November he has to wait until like may to study thats how the studyin works in argentina!! AHH! But we will make the most out of our time together!! Weekly Wonders!!

Right now i am in a place called neiva! Its a cool little pueblo kind of thing and President pico lives here on of dads old comps! So I called him up and tonight i am gonna go and eat dinner with them and all! Ill takes some pics tonight and hook ya all up next week! I am stoked! He called me last night and we talked for a while! I talk to him every now and then doing stuff for president and all but it will be fun to go and chat with him tonight! I am stoked! So meetin some of pops old peeps from his glory days haha!

Well next week i will complete 21 months in the mission!! WOW!! As of today i have 101 days left in the mission! HOLY SHcnick! In two days i will be on the double digit count down woooo! Time is going by way to fast! Gotta bust my buns for these next 3 months now! Gotta start dropping back in the water! I love being AP but it really kills that baptisms! Thats what i dont like I came here to baptize but I really came here to serve the Lord and if this what he has called me to do too, than i can do them both!!! Doing both is fun but i am going on 6 months as doing this work and am drained! Today for pday we woke up played soccer with the zone and then my comp and i went back to the apartment and we slept for over 4 hours haha!! WE are wiped dead!! Love pdays!! Hey love ya all a ton! I loved every ones letters this week! Seems like all are enjoying their lives and more important coming closer to christ i love it!! Love Elder Hammer

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