Tuesday, December 6, 2011

theres a new stake here! 11/14/2011

Yesterday offically we formed the colombia bogota liberty stake!!! It was pretty cool to be there they divided 2 stakes into 3!! Elder Pino came a 70 and divided the stake here!1 It was fun to be there with all fo my homies!! because i am still in the same stake as Patio bonito i saw all of my homies and was like friends!! how are we doing!! It was soo fun!! I loved Patio!! It was nice and poor, with a little bit of insanity and something wierd or a dyer problem to resolve! So it was excellent!! I kind of got the Elders case that are there in Patio!!! there are now 4 elders there, so they should be doing double the work that we were doing and they didnt even baptize this transfer!!! I was like Elders i know you are workin but i left you 10 with baptimsal dates!! 6 for this transfer! Why didnt anyone get wet!!!! But they will have some baptisms soon i hope there!! We are startin to get some wonderful investigatores here!!! We found 2 new familes that are super hardcore!! One family is has 3 kids all older like 22 and up and the mom has cancer and always has to have surgery and all that stuff so we talked to them about God and the REstoration and how God is a God of miracles and mercy and the importance of having Faith!1 And they loved the message they were soo cool!! one of the sons was asking alot of questions about how it would be possible to have a prophet in these times so we explained and was super cool about!! he is an airplane pilot for the army here!! We had a good time talkin about things!! Since ive got in the mission i have decided that i would like to be an helicopter search and rescue pilot!! i think that could be awesome!! The other family was such an amazing experience!!! We were out contactin and all and we knocked on a door and i was like hey there, we are missionaries!! Here the people always pop out of the windows!! Like maybe one person has actually answered the door here in Colombia! So the lady was like, excellent!! I will come down!!! Wich is super strange, I was like she must think we are someone special becasue its very rare that someone comes down to hear us! she was like!! Hello, then i testified to her about the power of the family and all about the family!! And she was super happy!! She told us how she had prayed us here!! That she was praying to God to see if he really knew here!! she has had a pretty ruff life!! but she was so humble and was like, but God has never hated me, i chose to bringu upon myself these trials.! I loved to party, had a child very young, have gotten into drugs, and i married basically a stranger that beated me just cuz i needed money to help with my kid finacially!! But i brought that upon myself!! My comp and i were like!! Well thank you for recongnizing the power of God and recogning fro yourself the importance to follow Christ! Then her sister walked by and was like what is going on here so we told her who we were and she got super excited!! wow, my Sister has prayed you here!! Excellent!! Then we kept tlakin and were like hey come back tmmoroow, we wnt you to talk to my daughter! so we went back on Fridayand the lady has an 18 year old daughter who lives in the States and speaks perfect english she doesnt even have an accent!! So i started to talk to her in english and she just liked opened up and told me like here story, she lived in Pittsburg and then in Colorado! she got into some heavy things and then she was like, so who are you!! And i told her about how we are missionaries of God and we are here to help people come to know him and to find true happiness!! And she told me i would really like it if you would teach me about God now please!! And she was so sincere and it was so awesome!! It was so cool to do a lesson in english the first time here in colombia, I loved it!!!! today the family came and planned sports with us in the chapel with some other families we got some investigators, members and recient converts to come play with us!! It was a success! So we are slowly but surely building the kingdom of God here in Roma!!

Ok, now it is time to tell you all that i am kind of famous here!! We have a Mission choir here for Christmas!! So i tried out to do liek a duet thing and all and i got the part!! So i am part of the touring choir of the mission so for basically 2 weeks i get to go tour the mission!! i am super stoked!! I am going to LETICIA!! It a city in the middle of the AMAZONS!!! I am super stoked we will be there for a week and then another week in Ibaque and in Giradolt!! check these places out on google Earth or somethin cuz these are legit little town with monkeys and everything!! i am sooo happy!! It will be fun to finally get out of the city!! now for the important thing is to what is on the christmas list!!! A back massager!! please!! My back kills me here!! and i am not in a singles ward, so i cant ask some lady to rubb my bakc, Mom aint here either, and tookies aint here to walk on my back or nothin so i am kind of a lost cause!! Thats all really!! some candy is always welcomed and cookie dough!! Then maybe a few bills in the bank account!! Its that in Leticia they have like hardcore suovenirs and all!! So thats how its all going here!! I love my comp!! He is so hardcore!! We have a great time!! Hes kind of different when it comes to teaching!! He is studying to be a lawyer so he always show people a scripture and then tells the mto do it cuz the bible says it!! Its pretty funny he loves to get into gosple fights!! But its all good we ahve a great time here!!

Love Elder Hammer

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