Wednesday, November 9, 2011

the atoning sacrifice of Christ in our lives 11/7/2011

This week I have been doing two types of studyin in my study time!! I am still studying the Atonement of Jesus Christ. At times I feel so happy that I am starting to feel that I get a grasp of the atonement but then im like, no, i dont understand the full effects of the atonement. I am understanding it better, yes, but the atonement covers everything that we cant even imagine what it means!! We are workin super hard trying to build the ward back up and bring new people to church and get some people married and all of that good stuff here!! Every lesson I like to apply a part of the atonement into the lives of the people! We need to apply the atonement into our lives, in every aspect! Because the atonement covers every subject of our lives!!! Christ invites us to come to him and we do this through His atonement!! I can change my perspective of life when i understand the atonement of my savior!!

We are workin alot with less active members alot here!! The ward had over 400 people in the register so we are visiting the people that we havent seen at church or people that the bishopbric have told us to visit so we are workin alot on this!! Elder Bednar gave an awesome talk about less active members and said that almost always members go inactive because some one offends them in some small or unthoughtful way, but the offendi takes all of the offense one themselves and becomes the responsible partaker of the cause of the family going away from and loosing blessings!! It was an awesome talk about how to re active less active members!! So we are tryin to get some less active members back to church!

 I am also doin another part in my studies is omethin that ilike to call it THE RISING. Joseph Smith said that, "I saw the rising and it never let me be." With this short yet powerful statement i understand the intenstity and the purpose of the missionary Work! Joseph saw the greateness of the Work of God. He saw the rising of His Kingdom here on Earth and this wouldnt let him rest!! He had the work of the Lord in his every fiber in every part of his being!! I want to have that spirit of the Lord in me!! I want to be able to feel that fire!! The spirit of God like a fire is spread is what we need to do!! The spirit of God is so important!! As i study more about this subjects of the gospel and i receive a bit of the Spirit of God to touch the hearts of the people here that the Spirit of this Great gospel is spread throughout this area!!

This area of Roma is way different from my previous area but its all good!! We are puttin people in the water!! We baptized a fun little lady yesterday!! Luz Estella got baptized yesterday afternoon!! It was a lovely service!! The sister has been investigating the Church for about 3 years now. So when Elder Suruguay and I got here we were like, well, lets put this lady in the water, so we put a date with here and she went in the water!! Slowly but surely we are puttin people down in that font. So we will see how the work goes on here!!

My comp right now is probably my best friend comp that i have had in Colombia!! We get along just grand. We like to joke and mess around and have a good time!! but we work in different ways. we teach very differently! He loves to prove points with scriptures and all and i like to get to know them and not so much fight with them with the scriptures but show them in a loving manner haha!! When someone has other beliefs he will show them a scripture and be like well believe it! When we contact we get in a lot of fights with the people haha!! Its gettin to be a bit hilarious actually at times!! but we are doing it a bit by bit!! But i love my comp, we have a lot in common!! He doesnt like fish either!! YESSS!!! All is well my friends!! keep up the good works love ya all a ton!! Elder Hammer

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