Monday, July 4, 2011

who turned out the lights 6/27/11

We went to our church meetings yesterday to a wonderful surprise of no physical lights!! Only the spiritual lights of the gospel. In this wonderful world of Colombia people do what ever they can and whatever they want. Ya someone stole the electrical box so we were with out lights yesterday in our chapel house haha! It was pretty funny but the spirit was still there. The good ol Colombian experiences! They steal everything. This week was filled enough with interesting things. Colombia had a big Soccer Tournament this past week and they was some celebrating and some oposicion in the champion haha! We put 2 more baptimal dates this week with 2 more kids. I am stoked to put some more in the water!! We will have three more baptisms in 2 more weeks or possibly 5! I hope for 5 but we will see how they are progressing!! It gets so frusturating when people do not keep their commitments!! AHH! But I am learning alot how to improve my pacience!!

Seems like a few of who have been getting some of my friends adding you as friends on Facebook! I talk alot about how killer my family is so some of them have been telling me they they have been adding my family as friends on Facebook! I get a good chuckle out of this haha!! We have excellent youth in this ward! we have good times they go out with us alot to teach, so we have good times together.
We had a good baptismal service this week For Alejandra Idarraga! She is a fun chick! He mom wa baptized about 30 years ago but denies that she is amember but her mom came to her baptism her family she invited some friends and her Mom came to churhc the 1st time in 7 years she said!! Hopefully she will get active again! We had the 1st baptism in The Branch of Tintal in almost a year so that was a good thing to do!

I am learning a ton in these experiences! I love being District leader it really fun! tommorow i will be going on exchanges in Kennedy! So that will be fun! Elder Delgado is the LZ so i will be with him! Hes a fun big dude! Hes about to finish the mission soon but he is working hard and isnt trunky!! Thats the best thing ever!! In this companionshio we have fun when we are in the street and all, but when we get in the lessons at times my comp is off the wall!! He is learning how to do the bird call like Dad does in hi s hands, so at times he starts doing that in the lessons! Or he pulls out my games that i bring to teach with! He loves my playdough, everyone calls me his dad! Im like yes i know!!! haha!!

I played an interesting game of Baseball today with the young men! They dont know how to play anything here but soccer!! ahah! I was busting up the whole time! It was the worst game of Baseball i have played. I had to explain to them all the rules like a million times!! THe Young men planned the activity and invited us but it was hilarious to watch all the Colombians running around. We had no mits a wooden bat and one left handed catchers mit but no one is a lefty haha!! so it was super painful to catch the stinkin ball. We played in an empty field, it was basically an old dump or something haha! THe ball kept rolling into poop and we had to keep washing it! they have laws here i think but no one follows them, it isnt unusual to see some on drop the pants and take a dump in the street here, this place must be there favorite place to go in Patio Bonito haha!

Today was some holiday of some sort they have holidays but no one knows why, so the night before the holidays the people go get drunk and have all of there parties they night before last night we fell asleep to a rap battle going on infront of our apartment complex! I didnt understand any of the word but it sounded terrible! haha!

This week i had a super cool experiences in a lesson. We have been teaching this family since ive been here and the people just doing want to get married they have no reason to not get married. We baptized the 2 kids about 2 months ago. Anyways in the end of the lesson the brother told me Elder Hammer thank you for this wonderful experience!! YES!! Those words were the most perfect words that a missionary can here!! He felt the Spirit!! YES!! Thank you for this wonderful experience! I love hearing this words! These people go through a lot of trials but so many of the trials can be avoided just by following the commadments. For some reason people just dont want to follow these simple commandments!! I visited a family this week they after 15 years of been together they seperated because the guy was with other women. Their kids are members of the church but the parents no, the gospel brings so many blessings but the people dont heed to the gauidance of the Lord! Pride is a huge problem in the World! If we could just be a humble people how much joy we would have in this world!
We have 2 more weeks in this transfer i really want to stay here train! THat would be the Dream!! I would love that but we will see what the Lord has in mind!

Last week we went an amusement park! It was so freakin bom!! I loved it!! Its good to get a little bit of rest here and there! THe rides were very simple nothing to extravagant but they were fun! THe most simplest rides are always the funnest i got a good friend in this Zone Elder Brett hes from Misouri. Hes super cool we rode this one ride like 8 times it just goes in sircles and you ahve to fight gravity. Anyways he was squishing me the whole time its was painful fun! We brought an investigator with us. he will be baptized 9 of July! Miquel! Hes a cool kid!! Well this was most of what happend this week! Love and miss ya all tons!!
Elder Hammer

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