Friday, July 15, 2011

Bring in the people we will put them in the water!! X

This was a huge week of a little of a lot!! We put down my homies in the water, Ruben Morales, Miguel Angel, y Juan Morales!! It was a fun day, two brothers and a our neighbor, all are jovens. It was a super good baptism. Ruben is super funny. He's 15 and a crack up! He reminds me a lot of Franky so we always have a good time. But I made an error in the size of baptismal clothes and Ruben had some good high water overalls haha!! He was happy to wear it and loved showing off how he was too tall for the outfit but he went down in the water in all manners. I forgot my camera cord but next week I will send the pics of the baptisms and the 4th of July party pics.

I cooked some good burgers for the 4th. We have this sassy sister in the ward. She is freaking hilarious but she always has to be in charge of the things. So they make burgers differently here. I was making the burger and she was all up in my grill and all, she was like Elder Hammer they are all done and told me that first goes the lettuce and the ketchup on top of the lettuce. I was like what ever you want to do doesnt matter what order as long as its on the burger hermana haha! Hermana Orjuela she's a crack up!! One of the brothers opened the grill and 9 hambugers fell off the grill. I was like dude why would you open up the hatch when there are burgers on the grill. So he felt bad and went bought some more meat haha!! But the best part is that in the middle of cooking the burgers the Hermana Orjuela picked up the meat that fell on the ground and put it on the grill when i wasnt looking. When I was flippin the burger I realized it had the grass and all the dirt on the burger. I was like Hermana what did you do, then she ridiculed me for being Gringo and how we waste good food. It was hilarious. I love Hermana ORjuela, so I threw the burgers away when she wasnt looking and when I wasnt looking she took the burgers out of the trash and served them to people haha!! But so far no one is sick so maybe she was right haha!! Freakin Colombia!!

I am lovin the people here. We are workin our freakin tails off. When I say we I mean me. My comp has no problem telling people that he is trunky and he wants to go home!! I have 2 more weeks with him! I have no problem with him when we are being friends but as far as comps go its hard to do the work. It's like I just carry around another body with me. This week we got some good depressing stories and saw some miracles and we got some work to do. We have people looking for Jesus here its true. In poverty the only way to go is up, up to Christ. We have one guy who got separated from his wife after 16 years of being together but because he wasnt making enough money she left him and she took the kids, and she tells him straight up tht she doesnt love him and all that bad stuff so he is super down. But we met him Saturday in the street and he has been praying for miracles in his life, but it is super hard to cheer this guy up. We are working hard with him visiting him. I try to call him everyday to give him and uplifting message by phone and all but only Christ can heal his heart.

 I have fallen in love with the scripture in Matthew 28 5-6. It talks about the resurrection of Christ and how Mary and Martha are looking for Christ in the tomb but he wasnt there and the angel appears to them and say he is not here for he has risen. I love tellin people this that Jesus lives. The dead cant do anything. They cant work because they are dead, but Christ lives, he had his body and he still works!! There is this hope!! Its so hard to put a message so powerful that I feel into words even harder to put it in Spanish!! But I love this scripture!! We have another lady that got seperated from her husband after 18 years of being together and he was cheatin on her and all that nonsense but they are now separated and all now and its killin her. But we got the Branch to help her with some food and all until she can find work and sustain her and her 3 kids! But it's hard to comfort these people but I am glad that they are lookin for God in these moments! We are seeing miracles in the lives of these people!! Meeting alot of people but I am super tired!! We are workin on getttin 7 couples married we have one definite for sure 6 of August!! So I am stoked he will be going down the 13 of August. If all goes well we will have 8 people going in the waters this day but we need to get one more family married before they can go in the water. She wants to get married but he not so much. Yesterday they had a fight so we will see some miracles in these peoples lives! She is super ready she has a strong testimony of the Church but him not so much and is very hesitant to get married its super hard a marriage works with 2 not one and 2 working in 2 different ways!!! She is receiving personal revelations and isn't smoking, drinking or drinking tea any more!! She is in a state of repentance!! Her 2 kids we will also baptize, her sister in Law and her daughter we want to baptize her husband too and the grandpa but the guys are being stingy!

Its super hard that we have so many people that we have to do divisions every night so im not with my comp in then night he has lost a lot of the fire I am drained in every way! He knows the scriptures like no other. He's got a scripture for every question its insane. I learn alot from him in that aspect. I'm learning alot how to use the scriptures but the other day we had a lesson with this dude who is a scriptorian. You would think that he wrote the Bible he knows it so good! We were in the Plan of Salvation and my comp and this guy got into a Bible Bashing party. I don't like that at all! The truth is that my Spanish isn't strong enough to battle or stop a battle either so I was sitting there thinking what to do, and I got a coughin attack and the spirit blessed me in the midst of the coughin attack to look for a scripture so I went into Genesis 3 22 and found this scripture about how Adam and Eve had to Fall do become like God! And with just this one scripture it changed the lesson! Now we got him on our page but I hate bible bashing. It makes a whole mess to clean up!! I like to teach by feeling and not too much by knowledge. The truth is that I dont have much knowledge I just have a testimony. I am a terrible teacher but I try to make up for my lack of teaching skills with a testimony and an example! I love teaching with the examples and all because thats my personality so I have made a tube that I carry in my bag to carry all of the toys that I bring to teach, and my comp plays with them in the lessons im teaching an next thing you know hes playing with the bouncy balls or with my bottle of repentance or the cell phone of Moses (Telephone cans) haha! But we are doing it!! Marrying some people putting them in the water changing lives!! We had a killer plannin session with the missionary leader of the branch yesterday so I am stoked to do the work there.

We are doing movie nights in the house chapel and craft days with CR MA and members we are trying to work more with the members and all because we need to do divisions every night but when the members back out on us to go out with us it kills the night!! We loose like 3 lessons! AHH! But working hard feeling the Fire of the Lord and Fire of Stress!!! But we are going!!! Giving strength to the weak, hope to the hopeless , love to the Lonely!!! THe Work goes on, Blessing the fold of God here in Patio Bonito I am still here in Patio and super stoked. We got people to put in the water I would be fine staying here the whole mission!! We got work to do amongst the poor, and here they are poor!!!
Elder Hammer

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